Cutting costs with Coles: Shopper unveils ingenious trick to bag bargains!

As we know, the cost of living is on the rise, and every dollar saved is a dollar earned, especially for seniors who are often on a fixed income.

However, what if there's a clever little way that could potentially cut your grocery bill in half? Yes, you read that right—half!

This clever trick has been making waves among budget-conscious consumers, promising significant savings without compromising on your shopping list essentials.

Nutritionist Abbey McPherson decided to put a popular supermarket savings tip to the test at her nearby Coles—and the results were nothing short of astonishing.

‘If you go into Coles or Woolies within the last hour, half an hour of them being open, apparently they have ridiculous sales,’ she said, explaining the trick.

‘If this is real I’ll be pretty impressed.’

Abbey McPherson tested a popular money-saving trick of shopping within the last hour at her local Coles store. Credits: Shutterstock

To her delight, the trick proved to be a goldmine.

Abbey documented her late-night shopping spree and showcased the 'banging bargains' she managed to snag.

‘I found a reduced salad kit to $3.02, some extra mixed lettuce, and another salad kit for 75 cents and 60 cents each,’ she said.

But that's not all—she also picked up a roast chicken for just $6, down from $12; celery sticks for 70 cents, a steep drop from $4.70; pita bread for 72 cents, down from $3.60; and skim milk for a wallet-friendly 90 cents, originally priced at $4.50.

Her entire grocery haul totalled up to $21.14, which is less than half of what she would have paid at full price.

However, Abbey warned that the 'real challenge' lies in not getting carried away by the markdowns.

‘The last thing we want to do is actually waste more money,’ she cautioned.

‘But, in saying this, you can always buy meats and breads, and freeze them. And even milk, too—which I got for 90 cents, by the way.’

Now, before you set your alarms for the Coles closing time, it's important to note that there's no set time for these markdowns.

A Coles spokesperson previously stated that items approaching their best-before date are frequently discounted to prevent wastage, and allow customers to still enjoy them.

The timing of these markdowns could depend on various factors, including stock levels, delivery schedules, and team member rostering.

Similarly, a Woolworths spokesperson has indicated that markdowns can vary from day to day and store to store, based on stock levels and demand.

For those who are keen on other bargains, Coles has a policy where they offer a voucher for a free hot roast chicken if you visit the store, and find none in stock.

While a known trick to spot discounted items is to look at their ‘best before’ dates, you can also save money on your next grocery trip with this clever tip.
Key Takeaways
  • Nutritionist Abbey McPherson experimented with a well-known supermarket savings trick at Coles, finding heavily discounted items late in the evening.
  • The savings tip involves shopping at Coles or Woolworths shortly before closing time to take advantage of marked-down prices.
  • She managed to purchase a variety of groceries, including fresh produce and meat, at a fraction of their original cost, demonstrating considerable savings.
  • Coles and Woolworths both admitted to marking down products close to their best-before date, with the timing of reductions based on store-specific factors such as stock levels and staffing.
Have you tried this money-saving trick at your local Coles or Woolworths? Do you have other tips on grocery shopping? We’d love to hear your experiences and insights in the comments below.
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