Discover how new fuel-efficiency standards will help Australian drivers save hundreds of dollars!

Australia is finally catching up with the rest of the developed nations by introducing new fuel efficiency standards.

This recent move by the federal government could save Australians up to $1,000 a year in fuel costs, a significant relief for many households.

The unveiling of the preferred model by Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Chris Bowen, signals a new era for the Australian automotive industry.

The new standards, which will apply to new passenger and light commercial vehicles, are expected to encourage car makers to sell more electric and fuel-efficient vehicles.

This move is seen to provide more choices to potential car buyers.

SDC 1.png
The government is set to release new fuel-efficiency standards. Image source: Freepik.

If Australia matches the United States in average vehicle efficiency by 2028, drivers should save a lot per vehicle yearly, according to Bowen.

'Because of a lack of action on an Efficiency Standard, Australian families are paying around $1,000 a year more than they need to be for their annual fuel bill—the Albanese Government is delivering long-term cost-of-living relief to fix that for new vehicles and put money back in people's pockets,' Bowen said in a statement.

This move is not only beneficial for consumers' wallets but also for the environment, as it promotes the use of vehicles that emit less carbon dioxide.

The introduction of these standards is expected to save Australian motorists $100 billion in fuel costs by 2050.

'This is about ensuring Australian families and businesses can choose the latest and most efficient cars and utes, whether they're petrol and diesel engines, or hybrid, or electric,' Bowen added.

The move has been praised by climate groups and industry bodies, including the Electric Vehicle Council (EVC).

EVC Chief Executive Behyad Jafari said, 'This announcement from the Federal Government, when legislated, will give Australians a greater choice for the cars they want and put money back in their pockets through lower fuel bills.'

'Within a few short years, it will mean the average family will not have to spend as much on imported petrol, which we know is hugely volatile on price.'

The new policy is expected to end Australia's position at the back of the queue when it comes to the best and cheapest electric vehicles.

Car makers have been incentivised to offer their most efficient vehicles elsewhere first, but this should change with the introduction of the new standards.

'That should end now with this policy, and Australian car buyers should notice the change very quickly,' Jafari added.

The government will consult on the preferred model for a month and introduce the legislation as soon as possible.

The new cost-saving rules are expected to come into effect by January 1, 2025.
Key Takeaways
  • Australians could potentially save up to $1,000 annually on fuel costs with the new fuel efficiency standards set by the government.
  • The new standards encourage car manufacturers to offer more electric and fuel-efficient vehicles in the Australian market.
  • If the country achieves the same vehicle efficiency as the United States by 2028, significant savings on fuel are expected for drivers.
  • Climate groups and the Electric Vehicle Council have lauded the Federal Government's move, with expectations that it will offer Australians greater vehicle choice and cost savings on fuel.
What do you think about these new fuel efficiency standards? Do you believe they will make a significant difference in your annual fuel costs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.
What rubbish
Supposedly saving money????
All I have to do is buy a new energy efficient car and I will save a lot of money by 2050????
That’s twenty six years away.
Lots can happen within that time, including possibly the invention of a different more cost effective source to power vehicles
This article was disappointing and not up to your usual standard
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Electric cars just add to the burden on the coal fired power supply creating further polution. Hydrogen engines are on the way and will kill the electric car market. The cost of replacing batteries in a Tesla is around $12.000. Other cars is from $5.000 to $20.000. More thn the cost of a small car. I can foresee thousands of electric cars dumped on highways in the future due to dead batteries because no one will have the money to replace them. At least with fuel it's pay as you drive. If you run out of fuel you can at least top it up and move on.
It is already proven at current state that total cost of ownership of electrical car is bigger than traditional petrol/diesel car.
Who cares? Many, like myself, cannot afford a new car anytime in the future. How I and many others I expect might benefit would be lower petrol prices at the bowsers.
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Potential savings up to $1,000 todays value in 2029. With fuel GST tax and Fuel tax increases twice a year for next 5 years, the savings up to $1,000 will be eroded with inflation. Experts in Car industries predict with proposed fuel efficient changes on cars the cost of a new car will go up by $19,000 or more eroding any savings. Bowen is like a used car salesman trying to sell you a lemon
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It is already proven at current state that total cost of ownership of electrical car is bigger than traditional petrol/diesel car.
As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the exact statistics on the ownership of electric cars versus traditional petrol/diesel cars in Australia may have changed. However, as of that time, electric car ownership in Australia was still a minority compared to traditional petrol/diesel cars.

Electric vehicle adoption in Australia was growing, but it had not yet surpassed the widespread use of traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. Various factors, including infrastructure development, government policies, and consumer preferences, influence the adoption rate of electric vehicles.

To get the most current and accurate information on this topic, I recommend checking the latest reports from official sources such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics, government transportation departments, or other reputable industry publications. They would provide the most up-to-date insights into the current state of electric vehicle adoption in Australia.421043793_941498704211265_4962301158950461513_n.jpg
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Considering 100% of our fuel is imported government could be dictating the quality of the fuel. The diesel delivered is claimed to be some of the dirtiest in the world
The oil is extracted here but it is shipped to Singapore or elsewhere to get refined and re-imported back here in Australia. Yep good Government we have (NOT). We used to have refineries here in Australia but they have been shut down......By whom.?? .......And why.???
As for the diesel quality I think you should do some proper research or put up some proofs of what you are saying becaise I have been told differently. And I still can't believe as to why the diesel price is so high when it is produced by what's left after refinering and I DO KNOW FROM PAST EXPERIENCE that the price of diesel many moons ago was only a fraction of petrol prices.
AND THAT IS A FACT.!! I used to buy diesel and heating oil in the old days (NO, NO REBATES EITHER IN THOSE DAYS) for my farming business at $8.00 per 44 gallon drum and we got $4.00 back for the empty drum. Today we are killed by the prices of diesel. So someone is definitely ripping someone off under the watchfull eye of our POLITICIANS and that includes OUR DEARLY BELOVED GOVERNMENT/TREASURER.
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electric vehicles ar NOT on my radar as I want to travel this country of ours (while it is still ours) & do not believe a word of what Bowen says. I have read that the fuel that we currently have in Australia is not of the type that works with the new standards, if that is correct that would posibly mean that the correct fuel would be more expensive.(thergoes our $1000)
Saw an interview with car dealers who said that they will currently not offer trade in figs. electric vehicles
No one wants second hand EV's. Who would want to buy a second hand EV when you could be up for a new battery at the cost of around $20 grands. And don't forget that they can cacth fire just by sitting there.
Forget too, would never buy an electric car, not for Aussies who love travelling. Did you see the test with the BMW's? One was electric the other petrol. Both drove to I think to Sydney. The electric BMW couldn't find a fast charging station, which is 40 minutes!!!!, as it was broken, not working. The other charging stations are 8 hours!!!! Really! And those lithium batteries catching on fire and stay alight for over a week. In europe, they dumped one in the sea, it was still on fire! No thanks.
As I said it is all made up BS while someone is becoming multiBillionaire (YES BILLIONAIRE NOT MILLIONAIRE) while ripping everybody off and collecting taxpayers funded subsidies by the silly Government we have. Chris Bowen is a lunatic and can only see it one way HIS OWN.
I still cannot understand when he says that everything is so good including windmill generators and solar panels farms let alone the huge towers needed to carry the power, WHY DOES HE REFUSES TO HAVE ONE OF THOSE MONSTROSITY IN HIS OWN BACKYARD.?
And that of course includes all the TEALS seats.
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If someone has a vehicle that is a 2004 model & is a pensioner a new vehicle is not affordable to that person what then?
Maybe you should put your concerns down in writing to BOWEN and see what response you will get. Good luck with that.
I do sympathise with you though.
How can you believe Bowen, we are still waiting on $275 a year cheaper electricity.
You will be waiting for an extremely long period of time unless the Government and Bowen himself gets a whif that he will be loosing his own seat because of his malpractice.
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Shhhhh.....The latest fuel excise rise takes effect on Monday 5 February 2024 and sees the excise rate increase from 48.8 cents per litre to 49.6 cents per litre. While 0.8 cents is by no means a dramatic rise, the latest increase will mean close to $40 in total excise costs per tank for a large SUV with an 80-litre fuel tank
OUCH, for me it means that I will give them $80 per fill. :mad::mad:
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The elephant in the room and never discussed is discontinuing use of 91 Octane petrol. As as I know we are the only country that uses this polluting fuel. Several years ago there was talk of upgrading the petrol used in most family vehicles, however nothing was ever done; it was put in the too hard basket. All European cars use 95 Octane fuel because of the stringent environment legislation in Europe. Why haven't we adopted the same policy here? It would reduce pollution significantly. Of course Diesel fuel is the most polluting of all, but heavy transport are already opting out of using diesel and switching to alternatives.
I may well switch to using 98 Octane fuel in my BMW, as fuel consumption is reduced and it is better for the environment.
David Orr
Croydon, Vic
That is baseless opinion. Period.!!
And living in Croydon Vic. support my theory 100%.
No its not. Quite the opposite in fact.

The upfront costs of EV's tend to be a bit more compared with an equivalent ICE car, however the running costs are much lower. I live in Queensland where we have a very high uptake of home solar. A lot of the EV's around Queensland are charged at home as zero cost. EV's have far fewer moving parts than ICE vehicles. Consequently maintenance is much less. With regenerative braking, brake pads last a very very long time.

Batteries last a very long time. We are already seeing EV's that come with a battery warranty of 800,000 km and we are likely to see more.

If you ignore the mass of misinformation from Sky or the Murdoch press etc, you might start to realise things are not as you are led to believe.
Another baseless promoter of these bs EV's.
Look if you were to give me one EV for free, I wouls simply tell you Thanks but No Thanks.
As for the solar panels part well let me tell you I used to sell solar panels and even smal windmill generators in my business of communications and others and because i always backed my sales and services 24/7, they nealry sent me broke. I quickly dumped them and ever since that time if a customer wanted me to sell some to them, I requested that they signed me a waiver on any future problems.
I, unlike many people selling solar systems who only wants to sell you the panles and the installation and bugger Jack you after that, always looked after my customers with AFTER SALES AND SERVICE 24/7. Hence why I dumped them.
ICE cars are about 100 times more likely to catch fire than an EV. The latest batteries are Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP), and are substantially less likely to catch fire. We are also just starting to see the first EV's being produced that have Sodium Ion Batteries. These can never catch fire.

Reliability of EV's varies a lot with the brand (just like ICE vehicles in fact!). The issues over reliability are blown up out of all proportion by the Murdoch press, Sky and other news channels that are funded by both legacy auto companies and the oil companies who have a vested interest in delaying the uptake of EV's as long as possible to try to protect their businesses.
Look mate, I was challenged not so long ago about cars catching fire more than the EV but once I proved that person wrong he/she quickly disappeared.
I am not a promoter and onky speak from past experience but it seems to me that you are trying to sell me/us something that is totally made up and baseless.
Don't waste your time because I will never ever own one of those EV craps. IT would never ever suits me nor in what I am doing so keep it to yourlsef. If you want one buy it and good luck with it, but don't try to push me on to one as you will be wasting your time.
They might be of use to people who live in the metro area and where they might be lucky enough to get to a charging station but we are in Australia here not just in a metro area.
By the way did you see what happened not so long ago in the USA with that cold snap where cars were lined up in the feezing cold trying to charge their cars and the people burning rubbish trying to keep warm as the cars were freezing cold too .? THEY CALLED IT THE EV's GRAVE YEARD.
In closing what are you doing in business and why are you pushing these crappy cars on us.?
No its not. The cost of raw materials for EV's is dropping like a stone. We are already seeing the first Sodium Ion battery powered EV's, where the major raw material is salt!

The ICE era is rapidly coming to an end, despite the best efforts of the oil companies and car companies like Toyota. Incidentally, Toyota are very likely to go out of business within the next couple of years since they have the highest level of debt in the world, have delayed their move to EV's and are now seeing their sales fall off a cliff. Sounds like an appropriate outcome for a company that has spent millions trying to undermine EV's through spreading false information.
Talk about brainwashing people. All you seem to repeat is what the Murdoch media is saying. What media are you following.??
More and more made up and baseless comments.
I do enjoy the awesomeness of driving my Japanese Subaru wrx with front and rear cameras for safety.
Wonder how much the batteries cost with electric cars to replace?
Last edited:
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