Savvy mum's recipe for budget success: How to plate up savings with this meal delivery tip!

In the face of rising grocery costs, Australian families are constantly on the lookout for ways to tighten the purse strings without compromising on quality or variety in their meals.

It's a tough balancing act; however, one savvy mum has shared a cheeky trick that's causing quite a stir among budget-conscious households.

The tip, which has been circulating on social media, involves a strategic use of meal delivery services to significantly reduce weekly grocery expenses.

While some may question the ethics of service-hopping to exploit promotional deals, there's no denying the immediate financial relief it can provide to families feeling the pinch.

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A clever shopper shared a meal delivery service trick to get three meals for just $9.99. Credits: Facebook / Mums on a BUDGET - Australia

‘Hey Guys, great way to get a few meals for a cheap price... I got all this for $9.99 with EveryPlate,’ the savvy mum wrote.

She added an image revealing the contents of an EveryPlate meal kit, showcasing two packages of pork, slaw, breadcrumbs, penne pasta, udon noodles, grated cheese, assorted vegetables, and seasonings.

The recipe cards provide guidance for preparing three meals: Pork schnitzel served with mashed potatoes and slaw, a vegetarian pasta dish, and a pork noodle stir-fry.

‘The price of the meals goes up in price each week, but after the meals become slightly expensive, I cancel my membership and sign up with a different company. We have been doing this for months and saving heaps on groceries!!!’ she added.

The community's response was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing amazement and gratitude for the tip.

‘I love this,’ one commented.

‘I need this,’ another agreed. ‘That's great.’

‘Wow, where do I start? Thank you, I never knew,’ a third chimed.

‘EveryPlate has different offers available at different times. You can use this link to get $180 off at the moment throughout your first five boxes,’ another replied.

By accessing the provided link, individuals can access six recipes designed for six people at a cost of only $88, granted they haven't utilised the service previously. This translates to approximately $2.19 per serving for each meal included in their initial box.

However, this meal delivery trick is just the tip of the iceberg.

It's part of a larger, more comprehensive approach known as the Mums on a Budget Meal Planning Method (MOAB Meal Planning Method).

This method encourages a continuous rotation through different meal delivery companies, using shared discount codes from the community to maximise savings—which can reportedly add up to over $1000 a year.

MOAB suggests that success hinges on discontinuing subscriptions when prices rise following the initial few deliveries and transitioning to the subsequent promotional offer.

It asserts that this cycle ‘will help bring down the cost, but also help make dinners easier and more convenient, giving you that little bit of extra time and less stress’.

Beyond meal delivery services, the MOAB Meal Planning Method includes other strategies to save on groceries.

One recommended tool is the Supercook app, which generates recipe ideas based on the ingredients you already have at home, helping to minimise waste and avoid unnecessary purchases.

Another tip is to shop based on weekly specials, stocking up on discounted items to ensure you're never paying full price.

The Wiselist app is suggested for easily comparing grocery prices between major supermarkets like Coles, Woolworths, and ALDI.

As families across Australia seek innovative ways to stretch their grocery budgets without compromising on quality, the concept of meal delivery services has gained considerable traction.

Transitioning from this cost-saving technique, you can also benefit from these effortless meal planning tips to optimise your food budgets and save valuable time in the kitchen.

By adopting strategic meal planning approaches and incorporating time-saving strategies, you can enjoy delicious and nutritious meals while maximising on savings.
Key Takeaways

  • A clever trick involving rotating signup for meal delivery services offers significant grocery savings by using introductory discounts.
  • The strategy was shared among budget-conscious individuals on social media.
  • The MOAB Meal Planning Method encourages using discount codes and cancelling subscriptions before price increases to keep meal costs low.
  • Additional grocery-saving tips included using apps like Supercook and Wiselist to find recipes based on existing ingredients and to compare grocery prices.
What do you think of this meal delivery tip? Have you tried similar strategies to cut down on your grocery bills? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below!
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Why haven't people learnt to make their own home cooked meals from items they buy individually from the stores. Maybe they dont have cooking lessons at school these days but when I went to school we learnt cooking and also learnt from our Mothers. Even today I like to make something new from ingredients I have in my pantry and fridge.
Price is usually reasonable for a family but still far too expensive for a single person to use. I would love to try this as don't tolerate too many of the ready made meals
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I have tried every plate and hello fresh only because it was offered to me as a trial.
It was really good quality ingredients but I did find with some meals the portion sizes were small.

Out of 8 of my daughters I have one who has never been interested in cooking then she got married and didn't know how to cook. I showed her a few dishes and her 19 year old sister would go and show her as well, then she ordered Hello fresh ( which is owned by same company as every plate)
And she found the recipes were very easy to follow and gave her the confidence to cook.
Price is usually reasonable for a family but still far too expensive for a single person to use. I would love to try this as don't tolerate too many of the ready made meals
Could you join, then cook the meals up and freeze some for later and perhaps share some with friends or relatives in a similar position to you.
My daughter signed up for Every Plate, and initially it worked out well, but by about week 5 or 6 it was up to $60 for 3 meals for 2 - $10 a meal, so she is now using the recipe cards to shop and it is working out well.

Another idea: When my hubby was in hospital a couple of years ago I was left alone and decided to buy a cooked chook which I was able to make last a week!! Portioned it and froze the portions, then, using the stuff in my pantry and freezer, cooked a different meal each night. The carcass made a lovely soup for my lunches and I saved heaps. I was planning the same with a kg of mince, but he spoiled my plan by coming home!!

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