Did you know you can slash your grocery bills with these apps?

In an era where the cost of living seems to be perpetually on the rise, every dollar saved counts. This is especially true when it comes to grocery shopping, a necessary expense that can quickly eat into your budget.

But what if there was a way to make your grocery dollars stretch further without compromising the quality or quantity of your food? Enter the world of money-saving apps.

These digital tools are designed to help you save time and money, making your weekly grocery shopping a less daunting task.

With 2024 shaping up to be another challenging year, these apps are more relevant than ever.

So, without further ado, let's dive into four popular apps that can help you save on your weekly food spend.

Apps can play an important role in helping Australian families save time and money. Source: Angele J/Pexels

1. MealBoard: Plan Your Meals and Prevent Food Waste​

Meal planning is a tried and tested method of saving on your grocery spend. It ensures you buy only what you need each week, preventing food waste and the subsequent guilt of throwing away forgotten food items.

The MealBoard app takes this concept and digitises it, allowing you to create a meal plan for your family that ensures you use up all your fresh food and pantry items. You can also brainstorm ideas for affordable meals.

You can also share app access with your family for feedback. Together, you can decide on which meals will be most welcome at the dinner table and, most importantly, eaten and enjoyed.

2. Frugl Grocery: Compare Prices and Find the Best Deals​

Finding the time to compare grocery prices in person or even visit individual supermarket websites can be a challenge. This is where the Frugl Grocery app comes in.

Download the app, input your items, and discover the weekly lowest prices from various supermarkets.

This way, you can plan out your grocery shop to take advantage of the best prices possible.

Screenshot 2024-02-01 102601.png
Frugl Grocery app lets you compare prices across different merchants. Source: Frugl Grocery

3. AnyList: Collaborate on Grocery Lists​

AnyList is an app that enables families to work together on weekly grocery lists. While not every item may be purchased each week, it provides insights into your family members' preferences for items they'd like to have at home.

Each week, you can simply go through the list, plan what to buy that week, and save some items for the following week.

You can also watch for these items being marked down so you can pick them up for under full price.

4. Half Price: Find Half-Priced Deals​

The Half Price app focuses on listing grocery items sold that week for half price only. By visiting this app before going grocery shopping, you can save money and purchase family favourites as needed.

You can shop for groceries at the app and easily compare prices to get the best deals. Shopping at different supermarkets each week is a great way to save money in the long run.

Screenshot 2024-02-01 103414.png
Half Price app allows users to look for the best deals. Source: Half Price/App Store

These applications demonstrate how technology can assist us in saving money in our daily lives. Using them lets you make informed decisions about your grocery shopping, plan your meals better, and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Every dollar saved on groceries is a dollar that can be put towards other important aspects of your life—be it a holiday, a new car, or simply a rainy day fund. So why not give these apps a try and start saving today?

Key Takeaways
  • There are apps available that can help Australian families save time and money on their grocery spend, which is especially useful given the challenging cost-of-living in 2024.
  • MealBoard is an app that can assist in meal planning, ensuring you buy only what is needed and preventing food waste.
  • Frugl Grocery app allows users to compare grocery prices and find the best deals without having to visit stores or websites individually, while AnyList enables families to collaborate on weekly grocery lists.
  • The Half Price app lists items available for half price at supermarkets, enabling shoppers to focus on these deals to save money


Have you used any of these apps before? Or perhaps you have other money-saving tips to share? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.
This is amusing.
You can slash your grocery bill without these sights. Groceries are not Loreal face cream, mop and bucket, finish dishwash tablets, Cadbury multi packs and lunch boxes. These are luxury or household items. Groceries are for feeding you.
Why would you waste your time on these apps,when you can go into stores and see for yourself Also I have cards for 5 stores and get weekly updates by email on their specials
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Reactions: Gsr
I have the “ShopFully” app. It has store catalogues for Cole’s, Woolies, IGA, Aldi Dan Murphy… and more. Coles and Woolies seem to alternate their weeks for the specials on groceries etc. anyway….
Could be useful to someone if that’s what you’re looking for to help save a $$$ between stores. Has for me. Happy shopping 🛒 😇
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Reactions: Gsr and Knell

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