Save big in 2024: These energy tips could slash your bills by at least $1,100

As the cost of living continues to climb, Australians are feeling the pinch, with energy bills* being one of the most significant household expenses.

But what if you could cut down your energy costs* with some easy changes?

It's time to take control and potentially save at least $1,100 a year* by adopting smarter energy habits*.

According to new research from ING, poor energy habits* are costing the average Aussie up to $670 per year!

The research highlights that many of us are guilty of energy inefficiencies*, such as overusing the dryer, taking excessively long hot showers, boiling more water than necessary, and leaving appliances on standby.

These habits might seem minor, but they add up quickly*, impacting both our finances* and the environment*.

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Save as much as $1,100 annually on your energy bills with these energy tips. Image source: shurkin_son on Freepik (left), Facebook/Compare Club (right).

Take Kellie from Melbourne, for example. She managed to slash her energy usage by 30 per cent* with a few clever adjustments*.

By watching TV by candlelight, disconnecting her dryer when not in use, and always being on the lookout for the best energy deal*, she's made significant savings*.

Unlocking Savings With Appliances

One often overlooked avenue for substantial savings* lies within the very heart of our homes—our appliances. From traditional ovens to energy-hungry washing machines, these household workhorses may seem like silent culprits in our escalating energy bills*.

However, the power to transform them into allies for both our financial and environmental well-being is within reach*.

For example, about 30 per cent of households are now using air fryers instead of traditional ovens for cooking, which can be a game-changer for your energy bills*.

When shopping for appliances*, it's crucial to consider both the purchase price and the operating cost.

Energy-efficient appliances* may come with a higher price tag initially, but they pay off in the long run by consuming less power* and being kinder to the environment.

LED light bulbs, for example, use roughly 80 per cent less electricity* than incandescent bulbs and last 25 times longer.

Energy-efficient fridges, which can use up to 40 per cent less power* than models from a decade ago, are another smart investment, as refrigerators are one of the most significant contributors to our energy bills*.

In the laundry room, energy-star-rated washing machines may cost more upfront, but they use less energy and water*, leading to savings over time*.

By choosing these energy-saving appliances*, you're not only reducing your monthly expenses* but also contributing to a more sustainable future*.

Additional Tip for Saving on Energy Bills

One of the most effective tools at your disposal is the ability to compare energy plans*.

Many Australians, particularly those who have settled into comfortable routines, tend to stick with the same energy provider for years*.

However, you could be missing out on significant savings* by not shopping around.

Energy companies often change their rates* and offer competitive deals* to attract new customers, which long-term customers might not be aware of.

This is where trusted services like Compare Club* come into play.

With the ability to compare energy plans at your fingertips*, you can find alternatives that offer substantial savings* compared to the default or 'reference' price set by regulators.

The thought of switching energy providers* might seem daunting at first. You might worry about the hassle, the paperwork, or even potential downtime.

However, it's a smart move* that can lead to savings of as much as $443 (on top of the $670 savings from smarter energy habits!) on your bills!

Compare Club's* team of experts has years of experience navigating the complex energy market, and they can simplify the process* by doing the legwork for you.

They'll compare plans* from various providers, help you understand* the fine print, and even handle the paperwork* involved in making the switch.

Now is the perfect time to take control of your energy bills*.

By comparing plans* and considering a switch*, you could see more money staying in your pocket each year.

And remember, there's no obligation to change if you're not completely satisfied with the options presented to you.

But just by taking these simple steps* and keeping these tips in mind, you could unlock substantial savings* (as much as $1,100) that can be put towards the things you love, whether that's travelling, hobbies, or spoiling the grandkids.

So what are you waiting for, dear members? Get started on your journey to lower energy bills* now by incorporating these energy-saving habits, investing in efficient appliances, and exploring your options with Compare Club*!

*Please note, members, that this is a sponsored article. All content with an asterisk next to it means we may get a commission to write an article or post a deal. We do this to assist with the costs of running the SDC. Thank you!
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