Outrage ensues as delivery driver's 'lazy' attempt to deliver parcel is caught on camera

Many have seen their fair share of the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to service workers—be it cashiers, plumbers, or delivery drivers.

Unfortunately, it's the ill-behaved ones that often hit the headlines, and we recently came across a tale that's been raising eyebrows of Australians everywhere.

As we all know, the holidays are a time of joy, love, and many parcel deliveries. Many presents exchanged are bought online and sent straight to the doors of loved ones.

Of course, this puts a lot of pressure on couriers, but we expect them to do their jobs professionally regardless.

However, a delivery driver in Narellan, NSW, failed to meet this expectation as his shoddy attempt to deliver a package was caught on the resident's CCTV camera, sparking outrage from many who have seen the footage.

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A delivery driver’s alleged ‘lazy' attempt at delivering a parcel was captured on camera and shared on social media. Image source: Facebook.

As seen in the video, the delivery man approaches the home, knocks on the door, rings the doorbell, and within mere seconds backs away from the door.

The quick retreat was followed by a swift photo of the home (presumably as evidence of his 'delivery' attempt) before making a brisk exit with the parcel still in his hand.

The bewildered resident was at home during the visit, which allegedly took less than 30 seconds, working from his office next to the front door.

He had momentarily gone upstairs and returned to find an 'attempted delivery' notification.

'I was home,' the homeowner shared. 'The window to my office next to the front door was open, I had just gone upstairs for a moment. Am I wrong to be upset by this?'

Understandably, he was upset that he had to collect his package from the local post office due to the driver's lack of patience.

Once the resident shared the video online, a wave of supporting comments from equally frustrated Australians came rolling in.

One person voiced the thoughts of many when they said: 'Even if you hadn’t been upstairs who’s answering the door that quick? I’d be upset as well.'

Another justifiably labelled the driver’s lack of effort as 'lazy' as they gave so little time for the resident to answer the door.

'Man's got no patience,' added a third.

Moreover, a frustratingly similar video was shared by a second resident in the area, who believes it's the same delivery man.

Just like the first incident, the delivery driver was seen knocking and quickly fleeing the scene—this time, even leaving the parcel on the grass as he rushed off.

'We did report it a few weeks ago, but clearly, it didn’t change his behaviour,' the second resident shared.

As of writing, the identity of the company employing the driver remains unknown.

In other news, cut-off dates for the upcoming holidays have been shared by Australia Post to ensure gifts sent through couriers arrive in time for Christmas.

Parcels sent to and from destinations within Australia through Parcel Post should be sent by Monday, December 18.

As for Express Post parcels, the deadline is on Thursday, December 21.

Meanwhile, for parcels sent to or from Western Australia or the Northern Territory, a few extra days should be allotted, according to Australia Post.

You can read more about AusPost’s announcement and the cut-off schedule here.
Key Takeaways
  • A delivery driver in Narellan, NSW, has been criticised for his alleged ‘lazy’ attempt at delivering a parcel to its rightful owner.
  • The driver's actions, which included knocking and ringing the doorbell, taking a photo of the house, and leaving all in under 30 seconds, were caught on the resident's CCTV.
  • Despite the resident being home then, the delivery driver reported that no one was there to receive the parcel, which meant the parcel now had to be collected from the local post office.
  • Another resident in the area believed that the same driver displayed similar behaviour a few weeks prior, dropping the parcel on the grass and hastily leaving.
Members, have you experienced something similar before? Share your experience with us in the comments below!
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