Man hit with $1,100 seatbelt fine despite buckled-up passenger: 'Can’t believe people consider this an offence'

Driving is a responsibility that comes with its own set of rules and regulations, which were designed to ensure the safety of all road users.

However, a recent incident involving a Brisbane motorist has sparked a heated debate about the interpretation and enforcement of these rules.

One driver was slapped with a whopping $1,100 fine for what authorities deemed as his passenger's incorrect use of a seatbelt.

But was the passenger really buckled up incorrectly? Let's delve into the details.

The driver, who remains anonymous, was left dumbfounded when he received the hefty fine notice.

He insisted that his partner, who was seated in the front passenger seat, was indeed buckled up.

However, her wet weather jacket had obscured the seatbelt, leading to the misunderstanding.

SDC 5.png
A man fined $1,100 for a seatbelt violation claimed his passenger was indeed wearing a seatbelt. Image source: Reddit.

To seek advice and share his frustration, the driver turned to a popular social media platform and uploaded a series of images showing his partner wearing the seatbelt, albeit obscured by her jacket.

'I got hit with a $1100 fine for my partner not wearing her seatbelt “correctly” in the passenger seat,' the driver wrote.

'As you can see in the photos, the seatbelt is worn correctly, but her jumper is covering the seatbelt across her chest.'

SDC 6.png
The images showed that the passenger had a seatbelt strapped to her waist. Image source: Reddit.

The images show the lower part of the seatbelt strapped to her waist, while the shoulder strap appears to be hidden under her jacket.

The driver's post quickly garnered attention, with hundreds of users expressing their confusion and outrage over the fine.

Many agreed that the seatbelt appeared to be worn correctly, and the fine was unjust.

'To me, it looks like it's [seatbelt] being worn correctly,' one commented.

'$1,100 for that is insane,' another replied.

While a third said: 'Wow. Cannot believe people consider this an offence.'

However, others questioned the passenger's decision to wear her seatbelt underneath her jacket, sparking a debate about the correct way to wear a seatbelt.

'That is a silly way to wear a jumper,' one commented.

Others said seatbelt laws do not specify whether the seatbelt must be visible when drivers or their passengers are inside a vehicle and travelling on the road.

The Queensland Revenue Office, responsible for enforcing road safety laws, uses fixed cameras equipped with artificial intelligence to detect potential offences.

These cameras operate 24/7, capturing multiple images of passing vehicles.

A spokesperson for the office declined to comment on the specific matter but stressed that potential violations are investigated.

'If a possible offence is detected, the images are reviewed by an authorised officer within QRO to determine whether to issue an infringement,' Queensland Revenue Office said.

In Queensland, drivers caught not wearing a seatbelt are fined $1,161 and receive four demerit points.

Furthermore, the driver is held responsible for ensuring all passengers are wearing their seatbelts correctly.

Those who believe they have been incorrectly fined can submit inquiries online for a review or contest the matter in court.
Key Takeaways
  • A Brisbane driver was fined $1,100 after a road safety camera caught his passenger allegedly not wearing a seatbelt correctly.
  • The driver argued on social media that the seatbelt was worn properly, but obscured by a jacket, and posted photos as evidence.
  • There was confusion and discontent among Reddit users about the legitimacy of the fine and the way the seatbelt was worn.
  • Queensland drivers face substantial fines and demerit points for seatbelt offences, and the driver is responsible for passengers' compliance. Motorists can appeal fines if they believe them to be incorrect.
What are your thoughts on this incident? Have you ever experienced a similar situation? Share your experiences and opinions in the comments below.
Road Rule 265(2)(c) "The passenger—must wear the seatbelt properly adjusted and fastened" Wearing it under her arm, around her back is not "properly adjusted and fastened"
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Reactions: Pam White
Queensland Revenue Raising is just that, REVENUE RAISING.
Cops and Judges are as corrupt as they come.
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Reactions: Greg350
In the pic it appears that the seat belt passes under the right arm (wrist) then straight up as if it is behind the shoulder. Certainly not beyond reasonable doubt, Tough Titties.
If I am on my way to a function and wish to arrive uncrumpled I will wear my seat belt under the shirt. the shirt is loose and open down the front so it is easy to slip to get out of in case of an emergency..... plus it is on in the correct manner so I cannot see the problem....except to the eye in the sky!
It's entirely possible the sash part is behind her back, which would make it invisible and incorrectly worn. This makes more sense to me than having it in front, but underneath her clothing.
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Reactions: Maurie7
My daughter copped a fine because somehow her 2 year old slipped one arm out of her seatbelt.
Yes she had it secured on her but this girl can get out of anything , climbs high ect she is a daredevil and a contortionist.
But no excuse was taken .
You can get "Houdini Stop" to stop them doing that.
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My sister and her husband, who was driving, received a fine of $1161in Brisbane for what was considered incorrect use of seat belt. My sister who had just had surgery to remove a skin cancer on her shoulder put her hand under the belt across her shoulder to prevent it rubbing...she did not undo it or pull it down. With a written letter from her doctor, contested it and the jury is still out. I think allowances under certain situations should be more lenient .Not to mention the ridiculous amount of the fine and demerit points involved.
To me it looks like she only has the belt across her waist and doesn't have the sash over her shoulder
I agree, I've looked at the picture up close a few times and can't see anything over her shoulder 😮😮
I will no doubt get hammered here for this, but, as with hidden speed cameras, the real aim of what has occurred here, all speculation about how the seat belt was being warned aside, is finally showing up in the title of the Authority responsible for issuing the fine. It's not a Road Safety Office, but the Queensland Revenue Office. I think that says it all...
Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty, there is no proof of her guilt in that photo. Fuk governments stealing our money at their whim.
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I’m still trying to work out how one can put a jumper over a properly secured seatbelt.
Road Rule 265(2)(c) "The passenger—must wear the seatbelt properly adjusted and fastened" Wearing it under her arm, around her back is not "properly adjusted and fastened"
This road rule was only amended on 9 May 2023.

This incident is subject to conjecture and cannot be proven conclusively or inconclusively. The fine should be waived.
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