Entertainer and singer Kamahl to appear in court hearing after alleged stalking charges

In a turn of events that has left many fans and followers taken aback, the Australian entertainer Kamahl has found himself in the midst of a legal quandary.

At 89 years of age, Kamahl is facing charges of stalking, which are serious in nature and have significant implications.

The charges stem from a series of text messages sent by Kamahl to a 38-year-old woman to whom he had reportedly loaned money.

NSW Police have confirmed that an investigation was initiated following the receipt of the messages by the woman, which led to the issuance of a court attendance notice for stalking or intimidating with intent to cause fear or physical harm.

Kamahl is set to appear in court in June due to stalking charges. Credit: Kamahl / Facebook

Kamahl, whose voice has charmed audiences for decades with singles like 'Sounds of Goodbye' and 'The Elephant Song,' is scheduled to appear in Sutherland Court in Sydney on 5 June.

This court date marks a stark contrast to the heights of his career, which saw the Malaysian-born Australian singer rise to stardom and become a household name.

Beyond his musical achievements, Kamahl has been a familiar face on television, starring in advertisements for Dilmah tea and vanilla Coke and as a regular on the variety show Hey Hey It’s Saturday!

However, the past few years have not been without personal challenges for Kamahl.

In 2021, he faced the personal tragedy of separating from his wife, Sahodra, an event that undoubtedly had a profound impact on his life.

Kamahl said in a previous interview that he was ‘praying’ for a reconciliation between him and his ex-wife, blaming himself for the separation.

Hey Hey It’s Saturday also encountered criticism in 2021 when old clips from the show resurfaced online.

These clips often showed them making fun of Kamahl when he appeared on the show.

In a letter, Kamahl asked the host, Daryl Somers, if they would treat other Australian artists like they treated him.

It’s understood that Kamahl has been contacted to comment on the court proceedings, but at the time of writing, the singer has not made a public statement.
Key Takeaways
  • Australian entertainer Kamahl has been charged with stalking related to messages sent to a younger woman.
  • NSW Police conducted an investigation into Kamahl's conduct before issuing a court notice for his appearance
  • Kamahl, famed for singles like Sounds of Goodbye and The Elephant Song, is set to appear in Sutherland Court on June 5.
  • The once-prominent entertainer experienced personal setbacks, including a split from his wife Sahodra in 2021.
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So how much is she chasing... sound very suspect to me, any man at 89 should be finally over all that garbage
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I think people here might be getting more hot under the collar than Kamahl is.
It's not hard to take a side.
But we need to make sure we mind our own business before commenting on that of a stranger.
I'm guilty of it too sometimes, so not pointing the finger here.


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Arks Perfessor Google ... all will be revealed.
Arks ???

Arks ...vessel built by Noah for safety during the Flood. Gen. 6–9. 2. Also called ark of the covenant. a sacred chest containing two stone ...

As for Dat ...you must be Jamaican
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Indeed. For crying out loud, let the poor man live his twilight years in peace ✌️!!!!!
methinks that some peeples will say and do anything to grab the almighty dollar, and it does seem a bit farfetched for a man of his years to be doing this unless he is under the influence of dementia or something... maybe a medical examination will clear it up.. but it will be interesting to see what becomes of it all.
I watched his interview about this ... no, I didn't pick up that his mental acuity was 'off' in any way.
For 89 I congratulate him for standing up to someone who gladly took his money after she asked for a loan from him, but cannot find the agreed $5 regular repayment.

His generosity was betrayed, and I hope the judge vindicates him and orders the woman to repay the loan in full.

I would have sent a few choice words to her as well. She was full of arrogance to hit him with a complaint to the police - we see far too much of this.

Let's see if she is so full of cheek after this finishes in the courts.

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