World War II veteran and centenarian Jack Bartlett (100) passes away

When we see our World War II heroes and survivors, we can't help but look back to the service they have done to the country.

The Avoca Beach community mourned over losing a World War II veteran, John Edwin Bartlett.

Affectionately called 'Jack', he was 100 years and seven months old.

Jack was 'loved by so many', tributes for the local legend flooded in from people in his community.

Enticed by the Royal Australian Navy's uniforms and boots, Jack Bartlett joined the Navy as soon as he entered legal age.

'I used to spend half my time with no shoes, socks and clothes that somebody else had given us because we had next to nothing, and I couldn't get there quick enough,' he shared in an interview last year.

After retiring from military service, Bartlett attended every ANZAC Day march for 60 years.

jack bartlett.PNG
Jack Bartlett served the Royal Australian Navy as soon as he was allowed to. Image Credit: News of the Area

As attending ANZAC Day became more laborious for Bartlett, his community rallied behind him.

His neighbourhood started holding ceremonies along the street he lived in.

Everyone in the ceremony had the chance to shake his hand and thank him for his service during a tumultuous time in Australian history.

'He gave so much at a young age,' his daughter, Narelle Bartlett, shared.

'He was larger than life, and he was everything for our family.'

Narelle also shared that her father was thankful to their community for being supportive of him.

The ANZAC Day tributes by his community were not just for Bartlett—but for his mates who served the country along with him as well.

'It was just so beautiful for him, and he appreciated it so much,' Narelle concluded.

Jack Bartlett celebrated his centennial birthday last November.

While his vision began blurring out, his mind and ears were still as sharp as a young man's.

'I'm happy. I've got wonderful friends here. I go to church with my daughter on a Sunday,' he shared.

Watch his community's tribute here:

Source: 7News Sydney/Facebook

Bartlett's reflections about his life are a reminder of the sacrifices veterans had to endure for the sake of our nation.

Thanks to his family and community, Bartlett lived a good life.
Key Takeaways

  • World War II veteran John Edwin 'Jack' Bartlett passed away at 100 years old.
  • Bartlett joined the Navy as soon as he reached legal age and sacrificed a lot for his family.
  • His community held ANZAC Day tributes on his street and thanked him for his service to the country.
  • His daughter, Narelle Bartlett, shared her father's appreciation towards his community.
On behalf of the Seniors Discount Club, we thank Jack Bartlett for his service.

May he rest in peace.
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When we look back at the lives of these men and watch the Modern day Aussies supporting the Nazis and Islamic terrorists , we like to think that they have hopefully gone to a better place. ALTHOUGH Australians don't believe in what they label as fairy tales right !

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