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My last post was a joke.

My genuine question is, why do many females of that age simply want to remain alone and no longer want to get involved with males for friendship, companionship, and what ever may come after that?
There is alot of reasons, I think the biggest one is trust.
i would have thought that by a certain age, one would know what it is all about. you see, to me it is between two people and private but then there are the insecure who need to be assured of every little detail. why did you use the word smutty, only the bogans go that way.
It will always be more than just you 2. If there are medical concerns, you'd both have your own GP, gynaecologist, or another specialist, I would have thought you both would have both been in to visit a medical centre together. I get that it is a private thing between you and your partner, but others will also know.
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Maybe because they are tired of being chief cook and bottle washer. Also it seems most end up being a carer as the male is older Seen it over and over again, housebound because their loved one does not want nor has the ability to socialise. If you had one good relationship the memories are all you need.
I think you do need companionship
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I have always looked at sex as an interesting topic. Although not every body is the same other than the difference between male and female, different people relate differently to sexual activity and responses towards the same.
I think by talking about sex you may learn new things .

Gosh I wished that what I knew in my 40s I knew in my 20s 30s or maybe not as I may have had more babies
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Sex is one of those topics that you are comfortable with or shy away from talking about. In my opinion the more we discuss Sex as topic, the more we learn about Sex as topic, the more we understand about Sex as topic, the better we accept each others differences and individuality. Every time I read these articles it either reinforces what I know or teaches me something new. Knowledge is no burden to bear.
Sex as topic is nothing to be giggled at or seen as something smutty. This may be one of a few forums that people can use to save them the embarrassment or that uncomfortable feeling ❤️ 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨💏
So very well said

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