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Apr 11, 2024
We are seeking the removal of Freewallet from the AppStore with the assistance of the Better Business Bureau

Have you lost money after downloading Freewallet from the AppStore? This is a common situation. Freewallet blocks dozens of accounts every day. Users receive a notification about “suspicious activity”, after which they lose the opportunity to withdraw coins. This deception scheme is known as KYC Fraud.

Freewallet scammers need to be stopped and we need your help to do this!

File a complaint through the Better Business Bureau website. Demand that Apple block apps developed by Freewallet org.
A little history

A few months ago, our organization, Stop Freewallet Fraud, sent a complaint to Apple. We asked to block the fraudulent Freewallet application, because under the guise of a crypto wallet, this project steals customer assets. Our complaint was rejected. Dozens of other victims wrote their complaints and abuses, but this also yielded nothing. The reason here is quite simple: Freewallet has the money to hire excellent PR and promotion specialists. They make all complaints seem like isolated misunderstandings. But in fact, Freewallet is engaged in targeted scam!

The Better Business Bureau website was created to help users conduct a dialogue with the administration of online services. If you downloaded Freewallet from the App Store and lost money, the BBB can help you forward your complaint to Apple and get a fair review. So please take a few minutes to get the scammers blocked!


Attention: This guide is exclusively for individuals who installed the Freewallet application through the Apple App Store and have experienced loss of crypto assets.

Access the BBB Complaint Form

Click on the following link: BBB Complaint Form

Select the Nature of Your Complaint

  • If you lost money due to Freewallet, select:
“I’d like to file a complaint against a business, and have BBB help me get a resolution to my problem.”

  • If you wish to warn others about the dangers of Freewallet without experiencing financial loss, select:
“I want to warn others about a business or offer that sounds like fraud”.

Provide Details of Your Complaint

Specify that you want to complain about applications developed by Freewallet.

Describe when, how, and the amount of money scammers stole from you.

Mention if you have evidence that shows this is not an isolated case, and consider providing links to materials from other affected users.

Highlight the Method of Scam

Add to your complaint that Freewallet allegedly employs the KYC fraud method, wherein accounts are blocked under the guise of verification, leading to the loss of assets.

Include Apple Registration Information

Make sure to provide your Apple ID as Apple may only consider complaints from users who personally installed the application through the App Store.

Select Apple as the Subject

In the search form, type “Apple” and select Apple from the pop-up menu (One Apple Park Way Cupertino, CA 95014).

Submit Your Complaint

Once you've filled out the complaint form, submit it.

Notify Freewallet-Report

After submitting your complaint, notify [email protected].

Stay in Contact

Remain in contact with BBB and other relevant organizations advocating for a scam-free internet.

By following these steps and reporting your experience, you contribute to the collective effort to hold scammers accountable and protect other users from similar incidents.

Example of a complaint

My name is Michael. In March 2023, I downloaded Freewallet Multi Crypto Wallet (https://apps.apple.com/il/app/freewallet-multi-crypto-wallet/id1274003898)

My Apple ID is ********

In March 2023, I deposited 0.035 BTC into my Freewallet account. Subsequently, I bought and stored cryptocurrency on my Freewallet wallet several more times. As of May 2024, the balance was 0.037 BTC and 765 USDT, which corresponds to approximately $6800. When I tried to withdraw my cryptocurrency by exchanging it for US dollars, I received a notification that my wallet was frozen. The Freewallet administration demanded that I provide photographs of my ID and other documents. I submitted all documents on May 16, 2024. Since then, the administration has not unfrozen my account. All requests are rejected for technical reasons.

On the website https://freewalletreviews.org and a number of other resources, I saw that hundreds of clients faced a similar problem. Under the pretext of verification, Freewallet simply blocks victims' accounts and steals their crypto assets. I ask you to help solve the problem - to get Apple to block and remove the fraudulent Freewallet application from the store.
I'm really sorry to hear about your experience with Freewallet. Losing assets due to suspicious activity is frustrating, to say the least.
I'm really sorry to hear about your experience with Freewallet. Losing assets due to suspicious activity is frustrating, to say the least.
I think it's important to raise awareness and take action against such scams. Filing a complaint through the Better Business Bureau is a proactive step to hold them accountable.

On another note, when it comes to managing crypto assets, I usually rely on checking Decentralized Lending Rates online. It helps me stay informed about market trends and make smarter decisions. If you're interested, here's the link: https://dexlender.com/. Stay vigilant and keep spreading the word to protect others from falling victim to scams like this.
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