Transform your garden instantly with this genius $18 Kmart trick—gardeners can't get enough of it!

Gardening enthusiasts, it's time to get your seeds and green thumbs ready!

If you've been struggling to keep your seed packets organised or forgetting to plant at the right times, there’s a clever solution that won't break the bank.

Thanks to a savvy gardener's discovery, this $18 Kmart item typically used for storing photos and crafts has become the talk of the town,

The item in question is the Photo and Craft Storage Box ($18), a case-like plastic tub with 12 individual snap-lock cases, which is the perfect size for most seed packets.

The gardener was over the moon with this unexpected Kmart gem.

This storage box allows you to organise the seeds by plant, month, or season. Credit: TikTok/

‘Kmart Australia has brought out the best new product for gardeners, and it's not even in the garden section...I went to a store, picked one up, and couldn't believe how perfect it was,’ he exclaimed on a video online.

‘I've organised my seeds here by plant type, but it occurred to me afterwards that since there's 12, you could also just organise them by month so that in one afternoon you could completely sort out your entire year of seeds that you need to sow at each given time.’

‘Just pull it out on the first weekend of each month, sow it, and then you're growing for the full year without even thinking about it,’ he added.

The response to this Kmart trick has been overwhelmingly positive, with fellow gardeners chiming in on social media to share their excitement.

'I needed to hear this! Thank you! ' one viewer commented.

While another was convinced by the idea of sorting by month, saying, 'Oh, you sold me on sorting by month! I was first like, “Nah, I like my little pastel boxes.”'

‘I work at a nursery, and we store our fern spore varieties in these, which is very handy,’ another person shared.

‘Store your seeds in the vegetable tray in your fridge. They will last longer and are way easier to strike,’ one of the gardeners shared.

‘Can confirm that I have germinated 10-year-old seeds by storing them in the fridge,’ a viewer said in response.

It's not just seeds that this storage box is good for. Other creative uses have been suggested, such as organising electronic cords and cables, medicines, and teaching supplies.

So if you're looking to streamline your gardening process and make your life a little easier, why not take a trip to Kmart and give this $18 item a try? It's a small investment for a year-round organised garden that will bring you joy.

You can watch the gardener’s video below:

Credit: @culinary.gardener / TikTok

In a similar story, a home organising expert shared one of her favourite organisation tricks, which included the 6-piece Solid Drawer Dividers from Temu.

They are a big deal for folding and stacking clothes as they turn messy closets into tidy, organised spaces. You can read more about her organising tricks here.
Key Takeaways

  • A gardener shared his Kmart trick for organising seeds using the Photo and Craft Storage Box ($18) he found in the non-garden section of the store.
  • He posted a video demonstrating how 12 individual snap-lock cases within the box can be used to organise seeds by plant type or month.
  • Viewers responded positively to the trick, with some suggesting additional uses for the box and others offering tips on storing seeds in the fridge to improve germination.
  • The affordable storage solution has been well received, with people appreciating the idea of sorting seeds by month for year-round planting.
Have you tried this Kmart trick? Do you have any other ingenious gardening organisation tips? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!
Not sure home gardeners would have that many packets of seeds, most just buy them as they go. And who plants by month, most people I know plant by season. We grow vegies and flowers all year round, planting by seasons, and never have more than a few packets of seeds on hand.
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I purchased this around 18 months ago for photos . Wow it's gone up , I paid $15 from kmart just under 18 months ago.

It is good for original purpose of photos but I also thought of using for a first aid kit , bandages in one, pain relief in another ect ect
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