Transform your home with this $25 Temu organising item!

In the quest for a perfectly organised home, many have found themselves lost in a sea of clutter, unable to find the right tools or the time to make their dreams a reality.

But fear not! Home organising expert Corinne Mayfair came to the rescue with her top online organisation finds, which caused quite a stir online.

Mayfair's latest video, which showcases her favourite home decluttering products, has sparked a mini-revolution in the world of home organisation.

The star of the show? The humble yet mighty drawer divider.

photo (2).jpg
Corrine Mayfair shared the organising item that changed her life. Credit: @corinne_mymayfair / TikTok

Mayfair swore by these little gems, claiming they're an absolute must-have for anyone looking to tame their unruly drawers.

The 6pcs Solid Drawer Dividers, available for $25.59 from Temu, are game-changers in the world of folding and stacking clothes.

They transform the closets of the chronically cluttered into neatly lined, beautifully organised spaces.

With clear organisation and an effortless display, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.

The response to Mayfair's video has been overwhelmingly positive.

'Oooh, love these,' said one user, while another exclaimed, 'Need this!'

However, Mayfair didn't stop at drawer dividers—she had four more organising tricks she had to offer!

1. Spray Bottle Hooks

These hooks are ideal for organising spray bottles like surface cleaners.

You can hang them inside your cupboard doors to free up shelf space and ensure your sprays are always at hand.

2. Photo Storage Case for Auxiliary Cords

This trick uses a photo storage case for auxiliary cords.

Mayfair suggested storing your cords, like chargers and TV cables, in a simple photo storage case to avoid tangles.

Label each compartment so you never have to guess which cord goes where again.

3. In-Drawer Organiser

This in-drawer organiser helps you store sandwich bags, cling wraps, baking paper, foil, and gloves.

You can store your essentials in one drawer with easy dispensers to prevent them from cluttering your kitchen.

4. Clear Fridge Drawers

If you want a more organised fridge, this item is for you.

Store different items separately while still being able to see inside, ensuring nothing gets forgotten at the back of the fridge.

You can watch Mayfair’s video below:

Credit: @corinne_mymayfair / TikTok

If you love being in the kitchen and want to level up your organisation, Kmart has a solution for you!

The retail store released its recent addition to its February Home Living range, which garnered praise from organisation enthusiasts and cost-conscious shoppers.

What product could it be? Read more about it here.
Key Takeaways

  • Home organising expert Corrine Mayfair shared her favourite organisation tricks, which include the 6pcs Solid Drawer Dividers from Temu for $25.59.
  • The tricks, like drawer dividers and in-drawer organisers, have been well-received online, sparking excitement among those keen to declutter their homes.
  • Other innovative organising items are spray bottle hooks, photo storage cases for cords, kitchen wrap organisers, and clear fridge drawers.
  • These organising solutions are presented as simple, effective ways to tackle clutter and bring order to unruly spaces in the home.
What are your favourite organisation tricks? Share them with us in the comments below!
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Thr drawer dividers are available from KMart for $6 for a pack of 2 and no need to use Temu a risky site that has been reported for credit card fraud.
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Beware, stay away from those draw dividers from kmart. purchased ththem, buthey don't stay up , no matter what we do. I've tried , hubby's tried, and two of my daughters tried .
They are absolutely hopeless.

I have purchased a bit from Temu, anything I don't like, I can send back, although most of the time they refund and tell you to keep the item

maybe I will try the temu ones
I have drawer dividers I bought years ago at the reject shop I think, they were less than $1 each and are made of hard plastic. For my fridge I prefer new cat litter trays from the reject shop, they are a good size to for 2 per shelf in my fridge. I store like items together, most used on higher shelves. When I need something from a particular tray I just pull it out and get what I want, then slide it back. It saves a lot of cleaning as I just wash the trays out and only have to wipe over the shelves. I also have plastic tubs of various sizes in my lower kitchen cupboards for plastic containers, cooking utensils, lids, microwave cooking dishes etc. saves a lot of bending and scrounging around looking for stuff, I just pull the relevant tub out to get what I want. Have been using these storage hacks for well over 20 years.
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These all appear to be very useful items.

Like other members here l too have bought products from Temu & have been satisfied with my purchases to date & as stated already, anything l'm not happy with they give credit & tell me to keep the item. In the case of the sunscreen which didn't fit my car, l received a refund, told to keep it & gave it to my daughter. A win, win l believe.

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