State government announces new charges to driver’s licences and other fees

As the new financial year approaches, South Australians should brace themselves for a series of fee increases affecting everything from driver's licences to public transport fares.

It's a reality that many, especially those who are carefully managing their retirement savings, need to prepare for.

Starting 1 July, the South Australian government announced an average increase of three per cent across various state charges.

This means renewing a five-year driver's licence will cost an additional $10, rising from $255 to $265.

For those looking at a ten-year renewal, the fee will jump by $20, from $510 to $530.

South Australia announced an increase in driver’s licences and other fees effective 1 July. Credit: Shutterstock

But driver's licences will not be the only ones to see a price hike—traffic fines are also on the rise.

According to the South Australian Government Gazette, if a driver were caught driving an unregistered vehicle, the fine would increase from $457 to $471.

The fine for those caught speeding less than 10km/h over the limit will now be $202, up from $196.

Public transport users aren't exempt from these increases either. A regular metro card fare during peak travel times will go up from $4.25 to $4.40 a trip.

SA Treasurer Stephen Mulligan has pointed out that these increases are less than the annual rise in the Consumer Price Index in Adelaide, which was 4.3 per cent between March 2023 and 2024.

However, there is a silver lining for vehicle owners.

Mulligan said the cost for compulsory third-party (CTP) insurance is set to decrease, which should offer some relief against the increase in vehicle registration fees.

Metro drivers will see their CTP drop by $16.13 to $260.71, while the cheapest CTP rate outside the metropolitan area will be $179.39, down from about $189.

This reduction in CTP insurance means that the overall vehicle registration fees will actually decrease.

A 12-month registration for a four-cylinder car will be reduced from $663.93 to $657.10, saving drivers almost $7. Six-cylinder car owners will see a more modest saving of $1.83.

'We realise that everyone is watching every expense in their household budget at the moment, and we hope that today's news when it comes to vehicle registration bills will be welcomed by motorists,' Mulligan said.

This follows after Queensland made an announcement to enforce a more than four per cent increase in penalties for traffic infringements.

The decision came with a stern reminder from Queensland Treasurer Cameron Dick, saying, 'We need to ensure the deterrent effect of penalties and fines remains current, and people who break the law do not get a free ride.’

The increased fines also set the stage for the ongoing debate about Queensland’s collection of road revenue, with Deputy Opposition Leader Jarrod Bleijie pointing out recent controversies. You can read more about the increased fines in Queensland here.
Key Takeaways
  • From the next financial year, South Australians will face increased costs for various state government charges, averaging a three per cent increase.
  • Driver's licence renewals, traffic fines, and public transport fares are among the items that will see a price rise starting 1 July.
  • The cost of compulsory third-party (CTP) insurance will decrease, resulting in an overall reduction in vehicle registration fees for South Australians.
  • Despite the increased fees in some areas, Treasurer Stephen Mulligan highlighted that the vehicle registration fee reductions reflect a consideration for household budgets during tough economic times.
Have you found ways to cut costs in other areas to accommodate these increases? Do you have any tips for fellow seniors on navigating these financial changes? Share your experiences and advice in the comments below!
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I'm not surprised. I love SA as a place to live, have lived in Murray Bridge and also Victor Harbour,but I did find it more expensive to live there than here in WA.
It's a while now since the last time I lived there but I always found their charges were excessive, particularly electricity.
Was a shock to the system when I rang to register for the concessions I was used to in WA
to find these did not exist, particularly the concessions on council and water rates.
Certainly hope this situation has improved for SA members. Just those two concessions make a big difference.
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Reactions: PattiB and DLHM
At least it is not like Brazil where inflation was and all time high of 210%
i've noticed every time there is a "so called tax cut" the price of everything goes up.
What do you expect? Stuff has to be paid for.

"The fine for those caught speeding less than 10km/h over the limit will now be $202, up from $196." That is daft; are we supposed to watch the road for such things as pedestrians etc or the speedometer? A warning is adequate; 10kph over a 50kph is easy to achieve going down a slight rise in town especially if one's car has automatic gears.
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Sure, increase the cost of traffic fines, you do the crime pay the fine. But no way should they increase the other things, they should be a fixed cost regardless to CPI movement.
That driving license amount is dreadful. What does that cost actually cover? Although I've just paid $208 in NSW for only 5 years. Not forgetting the 91c they like to add on for paying by PayPal.😕

In the UK it cost the equivalent of $27 for a 10 year license and free if you're over 70!!
Maybe the high costs here are because of the much smaller population having to make up the money? 🤔

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