Shopper shares ‘amazing’ 18-item Kmart haul—all for less than $2!

Bargain hunting is a sport savvy shoppers take seriously. Who doesn't love a barrage of good deals, right?

One woman, for example, just scored a victory that has left Aussies in awe.

This particular Kmart customer from Western Australia managed to snag 18 items for less than $2.

She proudly shared the receipt in a private Facebook group, inspiring fellow shoppers to watch for similar deals.

'Clearance items all 10 cents each! Including three packs of baby outfits. Assuming they had too much of the same stock,' she shared.

Bargains are always a welcome surprise—not only can shoppers get items for cheap, but money can be allocated to other important things. Image Credit: Pexels/Karolina Gabrowska

The secret behind these jaw-dropping discounts?

Each Kmart store has the agency to mark down items, often done to clear out stocks.

In the lucky shopper’s case, the markdown was so significant that items were practically 'gone in seconds' as she happened to walk by during the discounting frenzy.

It's a reminder that the stars align for those who persistently pursue—or chance upon—a good deal, as Kmart's sales can vary per store.

While this particular sale was unique to one location, and its duration remains unclear, it highlights the potential for finding hidden gems.

The shopper's strategy of collecting these bargains for gifts and donations is both savvy and generous, spreading the joy of a good find.

The community's reaction was a mix of amazement and envy.

Comments ranged from admiration of the 'amazing value' to exclamations of 'Woohoo!!!' as fellow shoppers shared in the excitement.

This story is a delightful reminder that there are still fantastic deals, even when prices are perpetually rising.

It's a call to stay alert and visit your local stores regularly for bargains.

In a previous article, one mum shared an interesting tip for shoppers—making friends with the staff.

They might tip you off when the next significant markdown is happening, may it be for home goods or groceries.

So the next time you visit your local Kmart, keep your eyes peeled for those clearance stickers, and never underestimate the power of being in the right place at the right time.

Key Takeaways

  • A Kmart shopper in Western Australia was left stunned by the drastically reduced prices of clearance items, with each selling for 10 cents.
  • The discount results from Kmart's ability to create store-specific discounts on excess or older stock.
  • The shopper shared her experience and bargain finds on a popular budgeting group, noting the quick sale of these discounted items.
  • Social media users and fellow bargain hunters were impressed, praising the incredible value of the deals she secured.
Have you ever stumbled upon an incredible deal like this? Do you have any tips for fellow seniors on how to score the best bargains? Share your stories and advice in the comments below!
I agree with Petra as the bank notes in the pictrure are not Australian as there is no colour in them maybe US dollars

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