Is your Netflix subscription ending? Subscribers hit by alarming 'upgrade' alert

As we continue to navigate the digital age, streaming services like Netflix have become a staple for daily entertainment.

However, with the convenience of on-demand TV shows and movies comes the need for vigilance about the changes these platforms make, as it could impact your wallet and viewing habits.

Netflix users in Canada and the United Kingdom (UK) encountered an unsettling on-screen alert.

The alert wrote, 'Your last day to watch Netflix is July 31. Choose a new plan to keep watching.'

The prompt urged users to upgrade from the Basic tier to one of Netflix's pricier plans: Premium, Standard, or Standard with Ads.

Netflix Australia subscribers could see changes in subscriptions soon thanks to the platform's latest update. Image Credit: Pexels/Freestocks

For those who have settled into the comfort of our Basic plans, this is a worrying development.

The streaming giant could be reshaping its subscription model—and it's not necessarily in favour of its subscribers.

According to a report, this change could be part of Netflix's broader strategy announced earlier this year.

The company revealed during an earnings call that it planned to phase out the ad-free, basic subscription.

The phaseout already started in Canada and the UK, and could expand to other regions later on.

For Australian viewers, similar changes could be on the horizon.

While Netflix Australia initially stated that existing Basic tier subscribers could still enjoy the streaming giant's services, the worldwide push towards more expensive or ad-supported plans could affect anyone.

The Standard Plan with Ads ($7.99 per month) allows streaming on two devices with limitations.

The said plan does not allow offline viewing and a limited content library.

For those who prefer a full, ad-free experience, Netflix also offers the Standard plan ($18.99 per month) or the Premium plan ($25.99 per month).

It's a significant price jump, especially for seniors who manage their budgets carefully.

Netflix is not alone in this shift towards ad-supported streaming.

Earlier this year, Amazon Prime Video introduced a similar change, converting all Prime Video accounts to an ad-supported model along with a price increase.

It's a trend that's gaining momentum across the industry, and it's something consumers need to be aware of.

While Netflix experienced a surge in new sign-ups after cracking down on password sharing in 2023, it's uncertain how this latest move will affect its subscriber numbers.

The streaming landscape is changing, and along with it is the way we access entertainment.
Key Takeaways

  • Netflix users in Canada and the United Kingdom (UK) received on-screen alerts instructing them to upgrade from the Basic tier.
  • According to reports, the streaming giant could phase out the ad-free Basic subscription, starting in Canada and the UK, with other regions to follow.
  • Netflix Australia previously announced that its Basic Tier subscription would not be affected by any changes soon.
  • Amazon Prime Video introduced an ad-supported plan similar to Netflix's new tier, which suggested the pricing trend in streaming services.
Have you received one of these alerts while watching your favourite shows? Share your experiences and opinions with us in the comments below.
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Reactions: Ezzy
Solution we all stop paying Netflix and cancel subscriptions. If this was done they would get the message.
I use free to air only, I will not pay to watch a TV program or movie.
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The arrangement with one very well known Pay TV company was that Motorsport would be ad free. I didn't take them long to start sneaking ads in and it is now even worse
I would cancel as well. there is now at least one which is cheaper. I think I watch Seven plus a lot anyway.

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