Experts are shocked by the dangerous bedroom hacks Aussies are trying – Here's what you need to know before your next adventure!

In the privacy of the bedroom, experimentation and exploration can be part of a healthy sex life. However, a concerning trend has emerged down under, with Australians substituting sex toys for everyday household items, leading to a stern warning from experts about the risks involved.

Sexologist Christine Rafe has raised the alarm after Aussies revealed an eye-watering list of DIY toys they've tried, including vegetables, hair brushes, and lollipops. While improvisation can be a sign of human ingenuity, in this case, it's a risky business that could lead to injury or worse.

Sex expert Christine Rafe advised against using household items as DIY sex toys to avoid injuries or infections. Credit: Shutterstock

The urge to innovate in the bedroom is nothing new, but the use of light bulbs, vacuum cleaners, and kitchen utensils as makeshift sex toys is a dangerous deviation from safe sexual practices. Ms. Rafe, speaking to FEMAIL, emphasized that while she supports curiosity and creativity, household items are not designed for intimate use and can lead to serious injuries or infections.

The list of objects people admitted to using is as diverse as it is alarming, including electric toothbrushes, spoons, pens, broom handles, and even fragile glassware. Pillows, shower heads, gloves, electric shavers, washing machines, and lollipops also made the DIY sex toy list. These items, while seemingly harmless, are not manufactured with sexual health and safety in mind and can cause harm if used improperly.

According to a survey by retailer Lovehoney, a staggering 34 percent of Australians have admitted to using ordinary objects for sexual pleasure. More concerning is that two percent have experienced serious medical repercussions, a figure experts believe is underreported due to embarrassment.

The cost-of-living pressures and limited access to safe sex toys have contributed to this trend, with people experimenting with what's available at home. However, the risks associated with such improvisation are too significant to ignore. Lovehoney's staff were so taken aback by the trend that they used it as the basis for a recent ad campaign, featuring some of the household items and the slogan: 'You deserve better.'

Ms. Rafe's advice is clear: avoid using household items to achieve orgasm. Instead, she encourages the use of safe, purpose-made sex toys to avoid potential mishaps. She also highlighted the importance of masturbation as a healthy part of a balanced lifestyle, offering mental health and general well-being benefits, such as stress relief, better sleep, and improved mood.

The expert also reminded those using low-tech substitutes, such as vegetables, to dispose of them after use, recounting a shocking instance where someone confessed to using a carrot in their dinner after its bedroom escapade.

As members of the Seniors Discount Club, it's essential to remember that sexual health and safety should always be a priority. While it's perfectly normal to seek new experiences and pleasures, it's crucial to do so with products designed for such activities. If you're looking to spice things up, consider investing in a quality sex toy that is designed with your safety and satisfaction in mind.

For those who may feel embarrassed or shy about purchasing sex toys, remember that sexual well-being is a vital aspect of overall health, and there's no shame in taking care of your needs in a safe and responsible manner. Online shopping offers a discreet and convenient way to explore options without the discomfort some might feel in a store.
Key Takeaways
  • Sex expert Christine Rafe warns against using household items as DIY sex toys due to the risk of injuries or infections.
  • A concerning number of Australians admit to using a variety of household objects for sexual pleasure, with some ending up in emergency rooms.
  • Lovehoney's survey reveals 34 per cent of Australians have used everyday items for masturbation, with two per cent experiencing serious medical repercussions.
  • Lovehoney's campaign advises against using household objects and promotes safe, purpose-made sex toys along with the slogan: 'You deserve better.'
In conclusion, while the spirit of adventure is to be celebrated, it's important to navigate the waters of sexual exploration with caution. Always prioritize safety, and don't hesitate to seek out reputable products that can provide pleasure without the peril. Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below – but let's keep it safe and sensible, folks!
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