Expat reveals unusual dating trend happening inside Aussie supermarkets

In the quest for love, singles have tried everything from speed dating to swiping right on the latest dating apps.

But it seems Australians have come up with a new matchmaking method that's as unconventional as it is intriguing—and it's happening in the aisles of your local supermarket.

Brooke, an expat living in Sydney, has taken to social media to share a peculiar dating trend that's been the talk of the town, or at least the talk of the grocery store.

With over 20,000 views on social media, Brooke's experiment with the 'supermarket dating theory' has caught the attention of singles and romantics alike.

Brooke tried out the dating trend in a local supermarket. Image source: Freepik

The concept is delightfully simple: while doing your regular grocery shopping, place bananas in your trolley facing up to signal that you're single and open to meeting someone.

This subtle gesture is meant to catch the eye of other singles who are in on the trend, potentially leading to a meet-cute between the fresh produce and the bakery aisle.

'Does anyone know what time the singles go to Neutral Bay Woolworths on Mondays? My co-worker told me it is a thing, and if you put bananas in your cart, it means you’re single,' she captioned her post.

Brooke's video, which shows her navigating the aisles of a Neutral Bay Woolworths, has sparked curiosity and hope among those looking for love in less digital spaces.

The idea of finding romance while shopping for groceries is a charming one, reminiscent of a scene from a romantic comedy.

Despite her enthusiasm, Brooke admits she hasn't yet spotted anyone 'relatively young and attractive' with the tell-tale bananas in their cart.

She remains hopeful, though, that she's just been shopping at the wrong times.

The 'banana theory' was suggested to Brooke by her co-worker Kathy, a nearly retired local who seems to know a thing or two about the suburb's social secrets.

Brooke's other co-worker, also of Kathy's generation, confirmed the theory, indicating that this might be a dating tactic from a bygone era that's ripe for revival.

Brooke's desire to see the theory gain traction is about more than just finding a partner; it's about bringing back the magic of real-life connections in a world dominated by digital dating.

'Meeting someone at the grocery store and not on the apps is like a modern-day fairy tale,' she said.

‘It’d be nice if it took off because, unlike other dating avenues, you don’t waste any time if you don’t meet anyone. You need to go grocery shopping anyway,’ she added.

The appeal of this trend is clear: it's a low-stakes way to put yourself out there. If you don't meet anyone, you've still accomplished your shopping.

Plus, it's a refreshing change from the often disheartening experience of sifting through online profiles.

The response online has been a mix of surprise, curiosity, and tips on the best times to go 'banana shopping' for love.

‘Wait, is this a thing?! I will be there then,’ one comment read.

‘I’m engaged but a guy did approach me at that Woolies when I lived there,’ another shared.

A third person wrote: ‘You gotta have the bananas pointing up, not down. That means you’re ready and looking.’

Some have even shared their own experiences of being approached at the same Woolworths, suggesting there might be some truth to the trend.

They said, ' I'm glad this is still a thing 25 years later! I used to shop there and would get self-conscious if I really did need bananas!’

While the supermarket dating trend may seem outlandish, it's a testament to the lengths we go to find connection in an increasingly isolated world.

Whether or not the banana theory will lead to lasting love remains to be seen, but it's certainly a conversation starter.

So, for our single members, next time you're picking out your produce, you might want to pay attention to the direction of your bananas—and those of the person next to you. Who knows, the supermarket could be the backdrop for the beginning of your next great romance.

You can watch her video here:

Source: @brooke.alison.laven/TikTok​

Key Takeaways
  • An expat in Sydney has shared a video on social media exploring a unique dating trend involving bananas in supermarkets.
  • The theory suggests that placing bananas facing up in your trolley indicates that you're single and searching for a partner.
  • Despite trying the method, the expat named Brooke has not yet found love following the banana signal but remains hopeful.
Have you ever encountered any unusual dating trends or signals in unexpected places? Share your stories with us in the comments below!
Good heavens! Is this only now catching on in Sydney? This was a thing at Coles supermarket at The Junction in Newcastle more than 20 years ago.
Bugger that.... who needs a 4th wife..... three was enough.... now I can do what I like when I like... no nagging or petty bickering.....
Reminds me of a friend of mine when I was at sea, he'd had 20 odd doses of STD's, I always reckoned he was an incurable romantic.
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