Downy Unstoppables cleaning tip sparks outrage—find out why!

The internet is a treasure trove of clever tips designed to make our everyday tasks simpler and more efficient.

However, not all tips are created equal, and some can leave us scratching our heads in confusion or even cause more trouble than they're worth.

One such tip, involving Downy Unstoppables laundry scent boosters, has recently sparked a significant backlash online.

The tip, which was shared on social media, suggested using Downy Unstoppables as a toilet freshener.

The video demonstrated how to fill an empty plastic toilet block holder with the laundry scent boosters.

SDC 5.png
A social media user suggested using Downy Unstoppables as a toilet freshener. Image source: TikTok/@saharblogs.

The holder is then placed back into the toilet, releasing the fresh scent of the laundry boosters with each flush.

While the idea might have seemed innovative at first, it quickly drew criticism from internet users.

The original video, which has now been deleted, attracted thousands of comments, with many questioning the tip’s practicality and cost-effectiveness.

The primary issue raised by critics was the need to remove the holder from the toilet and refill it.

'You're using this wrong, and they cost like $2. Just buy a new one. This is not a hack this is st***d and gross,' one person wrote.

Others echoed this sentiment, arguing that the product used was more expensive than simply buying a regular Rim Block Toilet Cleaner.

Many pointed out that the cost would quickly add up when you start flushing the laundry booster down the toilet.

'Unstoppables are more expensive than toilet blocks,' one person commented.

Downy Unstoppables, while popular as a laundry booster, are not cheap—a tub of this product of just over 150 grams can cost up to $13.

SDC 6.png
A bottle of Downy Unstoppables costs $13 in Coles. Image source: Coles Australia.

Apart from the cost, critics also pointed out that the tip failed to achieve the primary purpose of a toilet block, which is to clean and disinfect the toilet.

While the laundry booster beads might offer a long-lasting fragrant smell, they do not clean.

'The point of a toilet block is to disinfect and make it smell nice at the same time. Useless expensive tip,' one added.

'Why do people have to use things for what they are not intended for? If you want to clean or freshen your loo just use a product for that. If you want to clean your washing machine, use washing machine cleaner, not a dishwasher tablet,' another replied.

Despite the backlash, some users shared other ways they use Downy Unstoppables, such as lining drawers for a fragrant smell, dissolving them to make a room spray, and leaving the beads in bags around the house to deter rodents.

'I dissolve them in a spray bottle of warm water and mist it on things around the house…curtains, shower curtains, and bedding,' one user shared.

While another added, 'Even better idea…hang that in a closet for odour control. Not a good idea for a toilet.'
Key Takeaways
  • A toilet cleaning tip involving Downy Unstoppables laundry scent boosters has attracted criticism on social media for being impractical and expensive.
  • The tip uses laundry beads in a toilet block holder to make the toilet smell fresh, but it does not clean or disinfect.
  • People pointed out that the tip could end up being more costly than buying regular toilet blocks, with Downy Unstoppables beads being relatively pricey.
  • While the toilet tip was not well-received, some users shared alternate uses for Downy Unstoppables, such as creating room sprays or using them in drawers for a lasting fragrance.
What are your thoughts on this tip, dear members? Do you have other innovative uses for Downy Unstoppables? Share your thoughts and tips in the comments below.
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Reactions: Ezzy
Just another social media dumb dumb idea.
I cannot imagine myself opening a toilet cleaner to put a toilet NON cleaner in it.
Also, I don't use those kind of cleaners. I use an innovative one ... it's call ELBOW GREASE

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