Battle of the Homebrand Coffee Beans: Coles vs Woolworths vs ALDI

What’s something that kicks off almost everyone's day? If you answered coffee and love a nice brew yourself, you’ll want to read on.

Recently, we sent Product Tester Marty out to Coles, Woolworths and ALDI to find and compare their home-brand coffee bean options.

Which supermarket came out on top? It might not be the one you’re expecting…

But first, meet the reviewer!

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Coles, Woolworths and ALDI go head-to-head in this coffee bean review. Image Credit: SDC/Marty

Meet Marty:
My name is Marty, I am a male in my mid-fifties. I spent time in the Australian Defence Forces and for the last twenty-five-plus years have worked as a Property Facilities Manager.

I have two grown-up children and one grandson. I enjoy riding Vespa scooters and playing miniature wargames, as I have done since childhood. I exercise and drink alcohol regularly in healthy measure.

I would say that I am not a coffee snob but I do enjoy a good coffee, by which I mean not just instant coffee versus ground coffee, which is a whole other story, but it needs to taste good.

Who has heard of the following reply to ‘How do you take your coffee?’ ‘Standard please,’ (which meant two sugars and milk). I now think over the practice and wonder why did we need to sweeten it so much? Why didn't we just get a better-tasting coffee?

Having spent a number of my earlier years drinking the equivalent of hot brown water, I now prefer to actually savour the flavour and any potential side effects (related to sleep or heartbeat).

I had been known to brew a pot of coffee when I arrived at work, and then consume it. Then at 10 am, brew another pot and consume that, sure if anyone came to visit me I would share my coffee. Throughout the day, if I had a meeting with someone, we would frequently go downstairs to the local coffee shop and have them make me one.

I admit that sometimes I would finish a meeting with one contractor over coffee, walk out the door, meet the next contractor and go straight back in for another cup.

I have since found the error of my dietary ways and have a healthier consumption of coffee now.

If I ever do a comparison on alcohol in the future, I shall refrain from providing historical consumption information but you can guess how that went.

I have over the years also tried many different appliances and methods to prepare and dispense coffee. Who remembers when the coffee pod machine craze came out and all other appliances were thrown away?

I am currently content in the preparation for consumption that I do at home, I grind my coffee beans that I keep in the fridge in an airtight container. Place in my French press plunger and allow hot water to steep for a few minutes before consuming with no milk (or milk substitute, which also has a dramatic effect on the flavour profile of coffee). I tend to have it with half a teaspoon of raw sugar or coffee crystals.

Side note: If you do like sugar in your coffee, I recommend you go out and get coffee crystals instead. It's still sugar, but it makes a difference and has a caramel taste.

The following are my findings on the products purchase, use and my recommendations.

Woolworths Coffee Beans Espresso 1kg

Woolies merged (1).jpg
Is it hidden for a reason? Image Credit: SDC/Marty

Price: $12 — Link to the purchase
To purchase this I needed to ask for help from the staff, the shelf label was missing and the bags were deep up the back on the bottom shelf. I couldn't find them on my own. It did look as if they were subconsciously promoting it as last in the choices you could make for coffee.

These beans didn't have an intensity rating listed, just dark roast.

All the other beans surrounding it on the shelf (not tested or tasted in comparison) were listed as being on special and still more than double the cost of this product.

Initial bag opening, they are good-looking beans, nearly all full beans, no loose bits or foreign stuff. Surprisingly, it was listed on the packaging as a whole coffee bean.

I have been taste-testing this a lot to really see if this is something I drink because I like it or just to avoid my coffee withdrawal headaches.


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In a proper coffee machine not plunger or drip filter you get a nice crème and definitely makes a big difference in taste.
We will agree to disagree, I have both and I love coffee and I don't think it makes a difference. As long as you buy GOOD COFFEE.
Aldi’s beans are good - never had a bad batch and everyone like the coffee! Definitely not bad like the reviewer says!

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