ANZ app outage: Digital ‘cash-astrophe’ leaves Australians high and dry!

In an age where digital banking has become the norm, the reliability of online services is more crucial than ever.

Unfortunately, for millions of Australians, that reliability was put to the test when the ANZ banking app and internet services suffered a significant outage, leaving customers without access to their online accounts.

The disruption, which occurred around lunchtime on a busy Tuesday, May 21, caused widespread inconvenience and frustration.

Customers found themselves unable to complete essential banking tasks, such as checking account balances and processing payroll for their employees.

Fortunately, access began to be restored by 2:45 pm on the same day.

ANZ Bank suffered a major outage, impacting its app and internet banking services, and leaving millions of Australians without online access. Credits: Shutterstock

According to an ANZ spokesperson, the outage was attributed to a ‘technology issue’ related to a third-party vendor.

‘This has affected customers accessing some systems including the ANZ App, Internet Banking and ANZ Transactive Global.’ the spokesperson said.

‘We continue our work to resolve any outstanding impacts as soon as possible and apologise for the inconvenience.’

However, a wave of customer complaints had spread across social media. ANZ previously confirmed that an investigation had commenced after customers reported the issue shortly before midday on Tuesday.

The company posted, ‘We’re investigating an issue affecting some customers' access to the ANZ app and internet Banking.'

‘We’re working to resolve this as soon as possible and apologise for the inconvenience.’

‘The ANZ Plus app, Phone Banking, ATMs and EFTPOS facilities continue to be available.’

People expressed their distress and annoyance, with some finding themselves in precarious situations, unable to pay for services or stuck in parking lots where exit required payment.

One customer mentioned he was ‘legit stuck’ without the app on a workday.

Another expressed concern about processing payroll, noting that ‘staff won't be happy if they can't get paid’.

A frustrated customer suggested that ANZ should ‘reimburse people’ for the inconvenience.

‘Great, another quality service by ANZ,’ they posted on social media.

‘What are you guys even trying to run, I haven’t been able to access my bank at all.’

‘Too bad if some people were at a servo or stuck in a parking lot you (got to) pay to get out of,’ they added.

Meanwhile, one customer humorously lamented, ‘Please hurry up, I want my KFC.’

As disruptions to essential banking services continue to affect millions, it is worth noting that this is not the first time such an incident happened.

Another wave of chaos ensued over a long weekend last year, that time entangling not just ANZ customers but also those relying on Woolworths services.

Thousands were caught up in the mayhem caused by the outages, highlighting the widespread impact and urgency of finding solutions to prevent such disruptions in the future.
Key Takeaways
  • ANZ Bank experienced a significant outage that affected its app and internet banking services, leaving millions of Australians without online banking access.
  • The outage was attributed to a ‘technology issue’ related to a third-party vendor, and customers began to regain access by 2:45 pm on Tuesday, May 21.
  • Customers expressed frustration on social media, with some reporting being unable to complete important financial transactions such as processing payroll.
  • ANZ advised that other services such as the ANZ Plus app, Phone Banking, ATMs, and EFTPOS facilities remained available despite the outage.
Have you been affected by the ANZ outage or a similar banking service disruption? How did you cope, and what measures have you taken to safeguard your finances against future incidents? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below!
It was a bit frightening as all the internet site said was my CRN was not working and to contact the bank leaving me worried I had been hacked. I had to search to find news of the outage. A notice on their page should have been a first step. Lucky I keep cash for emergencies so could still get groceries.
I don't rely on cards at all and if the individual or corporation will not accept cash in payment then to hell with them. I did read with interest that ANZ had said that it "was not our Fault". That is always the excuse when a system belonging to a large corporation "goes down" that it is everyones' fault but theirs. Would be interesting if when we were receiving a bill from them that we should tell them that we cannot pay it through no fault of our own and blame the takeoff by a Mallard Duck from Lake Eire at the wrong time of the day.

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