ALDI shakes up Special Buys with surprising collection launch

ALDI, the beloved supermarket chain known for its cost-effective shopping experience and eclectic Special Buys aisle, is about to shake things up.

The retailer has announced that customers will be greeted with an entirely new product line that deviates from household items and gadgets.

ALDI is set to launch its very own 'ALDImania' streetwear collection, marking a bold step into the fashion world on 13 April.

This unexpected pivot towards trendy apparel and accessories is a first for ALDI and follows in the footsteps of other non-fashion retailers like KFC, which have ventured into branded merchandise with considerable success.

image (1).jpg
ALDI is set to release its ‘ALDImania’ streetwear range for the first time. Credit: ALDI Unpacked

The 'ALDImania' range is not just about making a fashion statement; it's also about affordability and sustainability.

Belinda Grice, ALDI Australia's Buying Director for ALDImania, has expressed excitement about the collection's launch.

'Designed to celebrate and champion our shoppers, this new range is made specifically with ALDI budgets in mind, without compromising on quality or comfort,' she said.

'This unique collection that contains sustainably sourced or recycled materials has been crafted to create a mix-and-match aesthetic, so customers can inject their own sense of styling around the range!'

'We love the excitement and enthusiasm our shoppers have and look forward to seeing them share this passion on the outside with our first ALDImania collection.'

The streetwear collection is set to include various items just in time for the cooler months, with hoodies, sweatshirts, and track pants that promise to keep shoppers warm and stylish.

The range also features cool accessories like bucket hats, beanies, and ‘crisp white sneakers’, all with the ALDI branding.

The inclusion of a double wall mug, reminiscent of the popular Stanley cups, and 'Adidas-style' slides adds a touch of practicality to the fashion-forward lineup.

Here's a sneak peek at the pricing for the upcoming 'ALDImania' collection:
You can check more of the 'ALDImania' collection on their website.
Key Takeaways

  • ALDI is introducing an 'ALDImania' streetwear collection, diverging from their regular Special Buys offerings.
  • The collection includes a range of apparel such as hoodies, sweatshirts, track pants, and accessories like bucket hats and sneakers, all at affordable prices.
  • The range is designed to be sustainable, with some items made from recycled materials, and is anticipated eagerly by ALDI's Buying Director, Belinda Grice.
  • The new streetwear collection will be available in ALDI stores starting 13 April, marking the first time ALDI will launch its branded clothing line.
Will you be lining up to get your hands on the 'ALDImania' streetwear? Do you think other supermarkets should follow suit and offer branded apparel? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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No thank you, don’t want to wear clothes or use items with their brand names on them. If they didn’t have “Aldi” splash across them, yes would buy what I needed.
Much the same, avoid labels that are on the outside of any garment. Just free billboard for a retailer, maybe if they gave them out with a purchase over $xyz of purchases, I may think of it more favourably.
No thanks, if they want me to advertise their business , they can pay me., free groceries for free advertising. I am not a billboard.
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