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Sethia Soliman

Sethia Soliman

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Jan 26, 2022
AIBU 03.06.2024

AIBU, which stands for 'Am I Being Unreasonable', is the perfect platform for sharing your thoughts and opinions! So, for today's AIBU discussion, we have this story from Reddit/SpareAstronaut1217.

Am I being unreasonable for 'pranking' my daughter at a restaurant?

Earlier this week, we were at a Mexican restaurant, and I ordered an extra side of sour cream. When it arrived, my daughter asked what it was. I laughed and told her it was marshmallow fluff as I put it on my burrito. She gave me a sceptical look, laughed, and said, 'You’re lying, mum. There’s no way.' We went back and forth for a while, with me encouraging her to try it if she didn’t believe me.

She kept laughing and insisting she knew I was lying. Finally, she grabbed the container, dipped her finger in, tasted it, and immediately gagged and spat it into her napkin. She exclaimed that she knew I was lying and scolded me for deceiving her before we continued with our meal.

My mum kept giving me disapproving looks, and yesterday she told me it was wrong to prank my daughter like that. She said my daughter should be able to trust me 100% and that it was mean. I explained that we had been laughing the whole time and that my daughter told her friends how I pranked her and how funny it was.

I don’t think it’s a big deal—it was just family fun—but my mom is making a huge fuss over it. I asked her dad if he thought it was mean, and he said she should have known better than to think there was marshmallow fluff on a burrito.
Pranks are childish. The difference between a Prank and a Joke is that with a Prank, one less person laughs. The people who do the Pranks think it's hilarious until it happens to them. Karma is a Bitch.
I made this comment some time ago on another similar post. One twat replied to me, 'I bet you're a real live wire at Parties'. I replied to him with, 'Yes I am, because I do Jokes not Pranks.'
Well I think the whole episode sounds very childish and quite an inappropriate prank on a night out. I think your mother is correct in being frank about what she thought and that you’ll reconsider doing that in future
Oh my goodness since when can we not have a fun prank with our children. That has nothing to do with trust.
Has the world got to the stage where we cannot have silly fun with our children or grandchildren. I use to say to my grandkids. Grandad and l were around with the dinosaurs we use to play with them. They would look at me like sure Grandma.😮 I would say it's true.🤣 Now one of my grandson's calls his grandad T Rex and because l am the very naughty grandma the kids call me gangster granny. For goodness sake have some fun in life. There is so much sadness in the world.
Go mum keep up the innocent pranks.
Kind regards to all Vicki

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