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  • I'm Karen a new member I have a question. Can I print? The dimensions for ladies slippers. Is this allowed? I also loom, and wanted to know if you're allowed to start a thread, or if you need to apply first. I've been helping some ladies loom, via email for a while. I'm also collector tryer of recipes thought I might share a few. Before I do anything could I get some advice I'm constantpain666
    Hi Jonathan. The Ozword result for Sunday 15th of October, was ' mozzy'. I believe that 'mozzie' is spelt with an 'ie' ending, and going online supports this. The reason I am shattered, is that my stream was up around 27 and now I am back to zero. I am quite 'addicted' to Ozword and was so excited that I had got such a long run. This does not seem fair. Sorry to be a 'complainer'. Sincerely,
    Gail Artley.
    Hi Jonathan, I'm a new member :) Just wondering how you find the answer to a previous day's Ozword?
    What has happened with the Solataire games loading time. It is taking a long time to load for the first game each time and then again intermittently after that. Thanks for any insight to this problem.
    most annoying - this is the second time I've correctly guessed BONDI as the word of the day - but it wouldn't accept it. So have now lost my ratings for a second time. Maybe you haven't included it in your list of words - can you fix it for next time?
    Hi I am a new member been in Australia for over 50 years , renovating own home in the wheat belt...originally from Staffrdshire
    I tried to Play today Soduko . I clicked on it but to No Avail. What am I doing Wrong.????.
    Be careful of this scam : My laptop became frozen I was told to contact Microsoft Support on 40720556 Sarah Jean tried to sell me Firewall Security from Advance Identity.Have contacted them & Microsoft Support to get help in removing them from my Laptop.Be careful my laptop is corrupted.
    We use Trend Micro on all our machines. It is excellent. Got it from Harvey Norman. I have used many other anti-virus and most are bloated (Nortans) and expensive. Trend Micro is not expensive and is very alert.,
    I was caught up in that scam about 3 months ago and ended up losing over $4000 between that scam and the one that came for Norton Security the next day.
    Hi Jonathan. As per your request. Attached is the Costco Price Comparison.


    • Costco Comparison.pdf
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    Hello Jonathon,
    I have been a member for some time and all of a sudden started to not get the daily update email so I have registered again. Just thought you may like to know this as I remember something like this has happened before.
    Hi Jonathan thankyou for confirming there is a Lady D in the group not sure when I check the members list I,m still not seeing the name all good again thankyou again from Diane 7
    Dear Jonathan rest of message as my first message was more than 420 characters would not let me post . I was meant to have commented on which TV show did I like as a child I dont ever remember any questions like this on our page
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