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Lets shame companies that increase prices. Its good to know what prices have reduced but lets shame companies that increase prices. Last week Coles had Smiths crisps reduced by 50%. But that was only after increasing the price by 87% the week before. Eg went from $2.30 to $4.30 then reduced to $2.15 a real saving of $0.15 or 6.5%.
Am I the only one that notices this?
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I had a similar thing with Origin electricity I approached them about increasing my grid input charge which increased from .5 c to 11 c and then increased all the charges which made me worse off.
I am a retired business owner, but also have been a LOTE interpreter for the last 15 years, I enjoy giving back to the Community what the Community gave me while in business, my hobbies apart from running around with interprenting, is cooking of course, gardening, and general day to day living
Hey Maddie I wrote re a riddle you may be able to use.. too busy to answer? never mind the answer is a wedding ring.. cheers Ted
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