Sunrise's Nat and Shirvo join the Home and Away cast in surprise cameos!

Home and Away has been a staple of Aussie television for decades.

The long-running Australian soap opera captured viewers' hearts with its dramatic storylines and memorable characters.

In an exciting twist, fans were in for a special treat as two familiar faces from the Sunrise team debuted in Summer Bay.

Beloved breakfast television presenters Natalie Barr and Matt Shirvington, affectionately known as Nat and Shirvo, swapped the studio for the sandy shores of one of Australia's popular fictional towns.

'Here's the set-up: a Hollywood actress has come to town. The A-lister Stevie Marlow is filming her new movie here, bringing movie magic and a media circus to the Bay,' Shirvo shared.

'That's where Nat and I come in. We're hosting a live Sunrise cross from the set on the first day of production.'

compressed-photo (2).jpeg
Sunrise presenters Natalie Barr and Matt Shirvington played as themselves in a cameo for Home and Away. Image Credits: Facebook/Channel Seven, Home and Away

Before their on-screen appearance, Shirvo could not contain his excitement as he gave Sunrise viewers a sneak peek behind the scenes.

'I have remembered my lines, and I am ready to take on Home and Away—strewth—it's Sunrise at Summer Bay,' he exclaimed as he prepared for his acting debut.

The cameo also showed the presenters mingling with the show's regular cast.

Footage revealed Shirvo sharing a laugh with Catherine Van-Davies and the legendary Ray Meagher—a household name through his portrayal of Alf Stewart throughout the show.

Van-Davies humorously shared the realities of filming on a beach, showing off the sand she had to shake out of her high heels.

Shirvo also managed to talk with Meagher—a mainstay throughout the show for over 26 years.

'Ray, I have to thank you. I enjoyed working with you. I hope it went alright,' he said.

'Mate, it was fantastic—the pleasure is all mine,' Meagher responded to Shirvo's thanks before introducing him to a quirky tradition involving a celebratory dash into the ocean.

After their day on set, Nat and Shirvo were welcomed by the cast and crew, including Emily Weir and Adam Rowland.

The excitement was palpable as everyone anticipated the Sunrise team's contribution to the show.

For fans of both Sunrise and Home and Away, this crossover is a delightful merging of two worlds, offering a unique viewing experience.

It's a testament to the close-knit community of Australian television and the playful spirit both shows embody.

Prepare to be entertained as Nat and Shirvo bring a slice of Sunrise to the drama and romance of Summer Bay.
Key Takeaways

  • Sunrise presenters Nat Barr and Matt Shirvington made surprise cameos on an episode of Home and Away in a storyline involving a 'live' cross segment.
  • The pair interviewed fictional Hollywood actress Stevie Marlow, portrayed by Catherine Van-Davies.
  • Footage revealed behind-the-scenes interactions, including light-hearted moments between Shirvo and the rest of the cast.
  • Nat and Shirvo received welcoming messages from the cast and crew, where they participated in an off-air tradition of dashing into the ocean.
Have you seen Nat and Shirvo's acting chops on air? Share your memories of Home and Away with us in the comments below!
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I just love Shirvo - excellent interviewing skills and quick with his smile - such a change from Kochy. Nat seems a lot more relaxed now with Matt as co-host. Love her dogged attitude towards the lefty loonies on all sides of politics - unlike her former co-host who was so Labor biased.

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