Shopper scores free Coles delivery through ‘genius’ trick

Stephen Pearson, a Brisbane resident, has turned a recurring supermarket blunder into a clever trick that has left many online shoppers in awe.

Pearson, a frequent Coles customer, has discovered a loophole in the supermarket's online delivery system that allows him to qualify for free delivery, even when his preferred items are out of stock.

His technique involved a particular brand of frozen potatoes that he frequently orders in bulk from Coles.

He noticed that despite ordering five bundles of these potatoes, they rarely arrived in the requested quantity.

Screenshot 2024-02-29 092706.png
According to Pearson, it was uncommon for him to receive the exact amount of potatoes he had ordered. Image source: Coles

However, he also observed Coles still considered his order eligible for free delivery even if the potatoes were not delivered, as long as the original order was over $50.

This led Pearson to a brilliant realisation: he could add the potatoes to any order, pushing the total over the free delivery threshold, knowing he wouldn't be charged for the potatoes if they were out of stock.

'I started online ordering ten years ago and loved it then, it was new, so they [Coles] had to impress and be better than the other guys. But [online shopping] today feels like gambling,' Pearson said.

Pearson shared this technique online, and it has been hailed 'genius' by social media users. Some have admitted to using a similar process with different products.

‘Good on you. Hack the system!’ a person commented, while someone wrote: ‘What a tip mate!’

‘I do this with prawns because I know they never have it,’ another confessed.

A third person expressed a concern: ‘What if they try to replace it with a “like” item?’ to which Pearson replied: ‘Choose “No Substitutes”.’

You can watch his video here:

Source: @rainbromo/TikTok​

Meanwhile, Coles stated that they’re looking into improving the stock for their delivery customers.

‘It’s great to see our Brisbane customers are such big fans of these duck fat potatoes, and we are going to work with our supplier to improve our availability in this store so customers don’t miss out on their online orders,’ a spokesperson said.

Online grocery shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths have had to adapt to this new trend, offering various delivery options to cater to their customers' needs.

Woolworths, for instance, offers three main choices: Delivery Now (in two hours or less), Delivery Unlimited (a subscription-based service), and Basic Delivery.

Coles, on the other hand, offers free standard delivery when a customer spends over $250 on a two, four, or six-hour delivery window. ColesPlus members, a service which Pearson subscribes to, can access free delivery on orders over $50.

For non-members, the fee is usually around the $10 mark.

Despite these options, the minimum spend for free delivery can be a hurdle for some customers, especially those living alone or with small households.

Pearson's tip is a clever workaround for this issue, although it relies on a specific product being consistently out of stock.

Key Takeaways

  • Stephen Pearson, a Brisbane shopper, has discovered a tip to get free delivery from Coles.
  • He buys his preferred brand of frozen potatoes in bulk from Coles, but often the items do not arrive, leading to a refund without affecting his free delivery threshold.
  • Pearson shared the tip online, where users branded it ‘genius’ and some admitted using a similar strategy to avoid delivery fees.
  • A Coles spokesperson stated that they are working with their supplier to improve stocks for their delivery customers.
What do you think of Pearson's tip, members? Have you discovered any clever tricks to save money on your online grocery shopping? Share your experiences in the comments below.
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I live within spitting distance of Cole but I would still be charged $10. The retirement village I live in is 2 mins drive away (or less) straight up the road so surely they could come up with a cheaper charge for residents who live here.
This is just as much a scam (but against the retailer) as all the ones you are telling the oldies to watch out for. Despite how you feel about the big retailers (Supermarkets in this case), this is still just blatant planned dishonesty and I don't think you should be promulgating it makes you just as bad SDC.
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