Shocking Behavior Caught Mid-Flight: How One Woman's 'Fun' Act on Qantas Went Viral!

In the often monotonous world of air travel, where the most excitement usually comes from a turbulent patch or the race to claim the overhead bin space, one woman's impromptu act of cheekiness has brought a wave of laughter and a touch of trans-Tasman rivalry to the skies.

Lou Baddiley, a Kiwi and international manager for RotoruaNZ, found herself in possession of a bag of Air New Zealand lollies—a token of appreciation from the airline following her organization of trade meetings in Australia. But rather than keep the sweets to herself, Baddiley decided to spread a little joy on her Qantas flight from Sydney to Melbourne last week.

The scene was almost cinematic: a passenger, not affiliated with the airline, walking down the aisle, doling out lollies with a flourish and a message of goodwill from a rival carrier. 'A lolly for you, sir. A gift from Air New Zealand with love. Please fly with us next time,' she would say, according to her interview with Stuff Travel.

Kiwi woman delighted Qantas passengers with Air New Zealand lollies. Credit: @louthebeautyfoodie / Instagram

The passengers' reactions? Laughter and surprise. It's not every day you witness such a brazen display of brand ambassadorship, especially from someone who doesn't even work for the brand they're promoting. Baddiley's childhood dream of being an Air New Zealand lolly runner was coming to life, and the cabin was her stage.

Even the Qantas crew, upon receiving their own sweets in the galley, couldn't help but join in the fun. 'What's going on here?' they asked, only to be met with Baddiley's cheeky offer of a lolly 'with love' from the competition. The crew's response was equally playful. Instead of a stern reprimand, they presented Baddiley with a Qantas pen—a token of their appreciation for the unexpected mid-flight entertainment.

This light-hearted exchange is a breath of fresh air in an industry often characterized by strict rules and protocols. It's a reminder that a little bit of fun can go a long way in making a routine flight memorable. The story, which Baddiley shared on Instagram, even prompted a playful job offer from Air New Zealand: 'You're hired.'

The airline's chief customer and sales officer, Leanne Geraghty, praised Baddiley's initiative, noting that the end-of-flight lolly ritual is a cherished tradition for Air New Zealand customers. Baddiley's actions, Geraghty suggested, were an extension of Kiwi hospitality—Manaaki—into the skies, even if it was aboard a competitor's aircraft.

This delightful tale of mid-air mischief has since gone viral, capturing the hearts of flyers and internet users alike. It's a testament to the power of humor and the enduring appeal of friendly rivalry. In a world where airline customer service stories often make headlines for all the wrong reasons, Baddiley's 'cheeky act' is a welcome change of pace.

So, dear members of the Seniors Discount Club, next time you're cruising at 30,000 feet, perhaps consider how you might add a little joy to your fellow passengers' journey. Whether it's sharing a treat, a smile, or a kind word, you never know how far a small gesture can go.
Key Takeaways

  • A Kiwi woman entertained passengers on a Qantas flight by handing out Air New Zealand lollies.
  • She engaged in playful banter with passengers and flight crew, sparking laughter and light-hearted reactions.
  • The act resulted in friendly trans-Tasman rivalry and was taken in good spirit by the Qantas crew.
  • Air New Zealand responded positively to her antics, teasingly offering her a 'job' and appreciating her spirit.
And to Lou Baddiley, we say: well done on manifesting your dreams and for giving us all a story that's truly taken off. What's the most memorable or amusing thing you've experienced on a flight? Share your stories with us in the comments below—we'd love to hear about the moments that have brightened your travels!
Ready with flight tickets, job security and a planned move to the US, but changed my mind due to a few custom/culture queries and somewhat 'uncomfortable' responses moving there at that time.
At the 11th hour, returned the tickets and cancelled plans, rearranging the flights to New Zealand. Why? I knew no one there, no job lined up, we were all packed and had to move, and for some reason based only on the fact that every Kiwi I had met was open, friendly, always welcoming and family-orientated.
OK, this was a few decades ago, but the fresh Kiwi spirit this lass shows is exactly how I found New Zealanders. From stepping off that plane I was not disappointed in anything when living there.
I still have that clear memory when the plane doors opened the fresh air seemed to say welcome home. I still do and have some friends there. The best country in my book that I have visited or lived.
She made me smile

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