SDC Tried and Tested: Wipertech Wiper Blades

By now, you’ve likely noticed how much we love our long-term sponsor, Wipertech*! Not only do they offer a top-quality product for a great price, but they’re also a fantastic Aussie-based team who are an absolute pleasure to talk to.

But, don’t just take our word for it, let’s hear from some SDC members who have purchased and tried out Wipertech’s offerings!

Here’s what a few SDC members had to say about Wipertech*:

Kept anonymous for privacy.

One long-term SDC member said, ‘Can't complain. They fitted very easily and do make the windscreen smear free. Can recommend them from personal experience*… I reckon they are more expensive than say Autobarn or Super Cheap but definitely cheaper than authentic blades from a dealership. I just found that the quality of these wipers from Wipertech are very good. When I need a replacement set, I will be buying again from them.’

Screen Shot 2024-06-21 at 2.38.45 pm.png
Image Credit: Wipertech

Another added, ‘I replaced my XTrail front & rear wiper blades with blades from two large national retail stores & both were almost as bad as the ones I replaced. I then purchased from Wipertech & there was no comparison. The Wipertech blades were as good as the factory blades. Highly recommend.’

‘Don't remember how I was put onto these wipers, but glad I found them. Bought a set and boy they are great. Fitted on to my Hyundai i30 with no problems. Great buy.’ said a third.

How about that? And that’s not all!

‘I have used these wiper blades and replacement rubbers for 4 years and would not use anything else, just SO good !!!’ – SDC member

‘I purchased these wipers* a few years back and they are still very good. Have since got another for the second car.’ – SDC member

‘Have nothing but praise for these blades, got the toughest test driving in Queensland summer storm, kept the windscreen clear despite torrential downpour*.’ – SDC member

‘My husband buys/uses these Wipertech blades for our Subaru. I also think they are superior compared to other wiper blades we've used in the past.’ – SDC member

‘When I had my car, I used Wipertech a couple of times to replace my wiper blades. They were excellent blades and certainly, if I still had a car I would always get my replacement blades from them. Better than some of the rubbish on the market.’ – SDC member

‘Bought two pairs for our cars a few months ago, so good, wipe the screen clear every time, no squeaking, banging and so quiet. Would highly recommend spending that bit of extra money to buy these. Service from this company is also exceptional with great delivery times.’ – SDC member

‘Jump in and give them a go, honestly, you will find them great with all this wet weather, especially in tropical storms.’ – SDC member

‘Replaced my wiper blades with Wipertech blades the other day. These really are good blades and like the ad says, they are so easy to swap over. A kid could fit these blades in no time. The blades arrived in record time and the quality is excellent, as is the communication from Vijay. Also cheaper than Kia replacements.’ – SDC member

Is it worth it?


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Wipertech is SDC-approved! Image Credit: SDC

Want a discount?

We are the Seniors Discount Club, after all. 😉

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Some brands of cars you have to buy the entire item. You can't buy replacement rubbers to fit them.

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