Score an incredible Christmas holiday deal at the last minute with this guide!

As the festive season rapidly approaches, many Australian families may find themselves in a last-minute scramble to plan a quick holiday getaway.

However, with the cost of living pressures and popular holiday destinations already fully booked, the question arises: are there still any decent places to whisk loved ones away for some much-needed rest and relaxation?

Today, we’re revealing the most popular Christmas destinations and the best spots to book a quick trip without breaking the bank.

'The good news is there is still loads of availability for you and your last-minute plans,' Daniel Finch, Managing Director at Expedia, assured.

Unsurprisingly, Queensland emerged as the most popular state for people wanting to escape for a break.

The Gold Coast took the crown as the number-one destination, followed closely by the Sunshine Coast and Cairns in second and third place, respectively.

It’s not too late to book your holiday getaways. Image source: Freepik.

However, the Sunshine State also claimed the top spot for the most affordable domestic destination.

Toowoomba came in cheapest, where the average hotel room is around $200 a night.

While Darwin took second place, followed by Launceston in Tasmania, Bendigo in regional Victoria, and Adelaide.

'We are definitely seeing the cost of living having an impact on where travellers are looking, and the great thing is Aussies are creative where they are looking to go and stay and enjoy, and this is a great way to save when you are looking at new destinations,' Click Frenzy CEO Grant Arnott said.

'In Australia, you're just spoilt for choice with some fantastic opportunities at your doorstep, you have discovery parks, caravanning and camping with the kids, and you can go to a national park, all really affordably.'

If you're considering flying to your Christmas getaway destination, consider locations served by multiple airlines. The competition often drives down prices, making your holiday more affordable.

For the adventurous, consider flying on Christmas or New Year's Day, when seats are often cheaper.

Not only that, but there is still a significant appetite for overseas deals especially after the pandemic, with Asia proving to be a popular destination.

Data shows that foreign exchange is a significant driver of these destinations, offering better value for your Aussie dollar in terms of both travel and accommodation.

So, before you book your next holiday, Daniel and Grant advise being creative with your destinations, flexible with your dates, and utilising technology whenever possible.

Moreover, before you book your next trip, here are more tips to ensure you’re getting the best travel deal available.

According to research by travel site Expedia, you could save big on your upcoming flights by booking on specific days or departing at specific times.

For instance, travellers looking at domestic flights can snag an average saving of 20 per cent by booking on Sundays instead of Fridays.

However, bookings for domestic flights should also be made at least 14 weeks prior to departure.

On the other hand, international flights booked on Sundays may save travellers 18 per cent on average.

You can read more of these tips in this article.
Key Takeaways
  • In the lead-up to the holiday break, many Australian families may still be looking to book a last-minute holiday getaway.
  • The most popular holiday destinations have been revealed to be the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Cairns, all in Queensland.
  • The most affordable domestic destination is Toowoomba in Queensland, followed by Darwin, Launceston in Tasmania, Bendigo in regional Victoria, and Adelaide.
  • Tips for booking affordable holidays include being creative with destinations, flexible with dates, and utilising technology.
  • Considering locations served by multiple airlines and even flying on Christmas or New Year's Day may also help save on costs.
Do you have any tips for last-minute holiday planning, members? Have you scored any fantastic deals? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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