Safety concerns spark urgent recalls of crocodile products and popular makeup item

Pet owners across Australia, it's time to check your pantry and ensure the safety of your beloved furry friends.

In a surprising turn of events, a product that has been gaining popularity among dog enthusiasts has now become a cause for concern.

Australian Crocodile Traders, known for their unique pet treats, have issued an urgent nationwide recall of their crocodile feet products due to a worrying contamination issue.

The recall specifically mentions the 1kg Crocodile Feet and 200-500g packs of Croc Bone in Leg Feet and Skin, with packaging dates ranging from January 1, 2023, to May 16, 2024.

This drastic measure is prompted by the discovery of ‘foreign matter (metal)’ within the product, which poses a potential health risk to pets.

Australian Crocodile Traders issued a recall of their popular pet treats. Image source: New South Wales Food Authority

If you have purchased any of these products, it's crucial to stop using them immediately.

Australian Crocodile Traders is urging customers to return the affected items to their place of purchase for a full refund. They also recommend that anyone concerned about their health or the health of their pet seek medical advice as a precautionary measure.

The products in question have been available through independent retailers in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

For more information about this recall, you may call Australian Crocodile Traders at (07) 4054 1110 or read the full recall notice here.

In Australia, the consumption of exotic meats such as kangaroo and emu is relatively normalised, but crocodile meat still manages to turn heads. It’s been praised as a nutritious alternative to fish and chicken for individuals with allergies.

The large aquatic reptile is also a popular snack among dog owners who buy them for their furry friends.

The demand for crocodile-based products has been on the rise, not just domestically but internationally as well. Countries like Singapore and its neighbours have even established crocodile farms to accommodate the growing appetite for this unconventional protein source.

As members of the Seniors Discount Club, we understand the importance of keeping our pets healthy and safe. They are, after all, part of the family. Always keep an eye out for product recalls and safety warnings, and don't hesitate to act when your pet's health is at stake.

In similar news, MCoBeauty, a well-known Australian beauty brand, has taken swift action by urgently recalling one of its popular makeup items due to safety concerns that could lead to serious injury.

The product in question is the MCoBeauty Lip Lights Lip Gloss, which has been a favourite for its innovative design, which features an LED light in the lid and a built-in mirror, perfect for touch-ups on the go.

MCoBeauty recalled its popular lip gloss. Image source: MCoBeauty

However, it's this very feature that has raised alarms. The recall has been issued because the lip glosses do not comply with the mandatory safety and information standards for products containing button and coin batteries.

The recall stated: ‘There is a risk of choking or serious injury if young children gain access to the button or coin batteries and swallow or place them inside their body.’

This potential hazard has prompted MCoBeauty to recall all affected batches of the Lip Lights Lip Gloss, specifically those with batch numbers A23A07, A23A08, and A23A10.

These products have been available to consumers at various retailers, including Woolworths, Big W, Chemist Warehouse, and OZ Hair and Beauty, from October 1, 2023, to April 17, 2024.

If you've purchased this product, the batch number is at the bottom of the item. It comes in a range of shades, including clear, Morocco, Striptease, Berry Pink, and Marshmallow.

For those who have products from the A23A07 batch, the advice is clear: stop using the lip gloss immediately.

The button batteries in these items were not adequately secured, making them easily accessible to young children.

MCoBeauty urged customers to keep the lip gloss out of reach of children and to contact their customer service team to arrange for a replacement product.

Customers with products from the A23A08 and A23A10 batches are not required to stop using the lip gloss but are advised to visit the MCoBeauty website to download new warning labels to affix to their products, ensuring that the safety message is clear and present.

For more information about this recall, you may contact MCoBeauty at [email protected] or read the full recall notice here.

MCoBeauty prides itself on being Australia’s ‘leading luxe for less, cruelty-free brand creating on-trend beauty essentials’, as stated on its website.

As members of the Seniors Discount Club, we understand the importance of being informed about the products we use. We encourage you to check your makeup bags for the MCoBeauty Lip Lights Lip Gloss and take the necessary steps if you have an affected batch.

It's always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to products we use so close to our bodies.
Key Takeaways
  • A nationwide recall has been issued for certain crocodile feet pet products due to the discovery of metal in the items.
  • The affected products are from Australian Crocodile Traders, specifically 1kg Crocodile Feet and 200-500g packs of Croc Bone in Leg Feet and Skin, packaged between 1 January 2023 and 16 May 2024.
  • Consumers are advised to return the recalled products to their place of purchase for a full refund and to seek medical advice if they have health concerns.
  • MCoBeauty has issued an urgent recall for its Lip Lights Lip Gloss due to safety concerns regarding button and coin batteries.
  • The products were sold at various retailers between October 2023 and April 2024 and are identified by batch numbers A23A07, A23A08, and A23A10.
  • Customers with batch number A23A07 should immediately stop using the product and contact MCoBeauty for a replacement. For batches A23A08 and A23A10, MCoBeauty is providing new warning labels for customers to download from their website.
Have you ever experienced a product recall with something you use regularly? How did you handle it? Share your stories and thoughts in the comments below!
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FNQ here. Don't just use Crocs from farms, get out and cull some of the buggars. Way too many around populated areas now. And before all you bleeding hearts jump up and down, I know it's their area and we need to be mindful. But they don't have to be in all of it and every swimming hole.
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Could you not just take the battery out of the cosmetic lip gloss. No need for the light
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