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Royal Family shocked by sudden death amid health battles

The Royal Family is in mourning following the sudden and unexpected death of a family member.

The news has sent shockwaves through the royal circles and beyond, leaving many to wonder about the circumstances surrounding the untimely demise.

Thomas Kingston, a 45-year-old British businessman and a well-known figure in the financial world, was married to Lady Gabriella Windsor, the daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.

The couple had been married since 2019, and their union was celebrated as a joyous occasion by the royal family.

On Sunday, February 25, at about 6 pm, he was reportedly found dead at a property in Gloucestershire.

Thomas Kingston’s (left) passing came just three months shy of his and his wife Lady Gabriella Windsor’s (right) fifth wedding anniversary in May. Image Credit: Royal.UK

The news of Thomas's death was announced by Buckingham Palace a few days later on Wednesday.

A statement issued on behalf of Lady Gabriella and his family read, 'It is with the deepest sorrow that we announce the death of Thomas Kingston, our beloved husband, son and brother.’

‘Tom was an exceptional man who lit up the lives of all who knew him. His death has come as a great shock to the whole family, and we ask you to respect our privacy as we mourn his passing.'

The cause of his death remains unknown, but it is understood that there are no suspicious circumstances or involvement of a third party.

An inquest will be held to determine the cause of his death.

Lady Gabriella, 42, is the only daughter of Prince Michael of Kent, who is first cousins with Queen Elizabeth.

Her mother, Baroness Marie Christine von Reibnitz, is known as Princess Michael.

The royal family, including King Charles and Camilla, have expressed their condolences and paid tribute to Thomas.

The late Queen Elizabeth led the esteemed guests at Thomas and Lady Gabriella’s wedding. Image Credit: Royal.UK

Thomas Kingston was a man of many talents.

He graduated from the University of Bristol with a bachelor’s degree in economic history. He then worked in the Diplomatic Missions Unit of the United Kingdom’s Foreign Office and, for almost three years, worked in Baghdad as a project officer for the Iraqi Institute of Peace. His job was to mediate conflicts in Iraq, and he even helped negotiate the release of hostages.

Thomas then moved into finance, working as an equity analyst for global asset management firm Schroders. He was managing director of Voltan Capital Management until April 2017.

He was once described as 'the most eligible man in London'.

Thomas dated Princess Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa in 2011 after she split from cricketer Alex Loudon. They met through mutual friends, and although their romance was short-lived, they remained close.

In fact, Thomas and Lady Gabriella bagged an invite to Pippa’s wedding to James Matthews in 2017.

Source: YouTube/9News

In September 2018, it was announced Thomas was engaged to Lady Gabriella Windsor, who is 56th in line to the throne.

Lady Gabriella married Thomas on Saturday, May 18, 2019, in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, in what was the third royal wedding in the space of a year.

The heartbreaking news also comes at a challenging time for the Royal Family, which has seen two key members beset with challenges to their health.

Key Takeaways

  • Thomas Kingston, the husband of Lady Gabriella Windsor and former boyfriend of Pippa Middleton, has tragically passed away at age 45.
  • Buckingham Palace announced his sudden death, which has been a great shock to the Royal Family and those who knew him.
  • Thomas was a British businessman who worked in frontier market investment and had a history of working in conflict mediation and finance.
  • The King and Queen Consort have sent their condolences to Lady Gabriella and the Kingston family, joining them in mourning a much-loved family member.
The sudden death of Thomas Kingston is a tragic loss for the Royal Family and all who knew him.

Our thoughts are with Lady Gabriella and the rest of the Kingston family during this difficult time.
mediate conflicts in Iraq
Wonder if he'd had the experimental medical treatment we were all subjected to recently.
good to see anti vaxers are still kicking clearly your thoughts about a VERY WELL test MRNA drug didn't knock you off. Am going to assume you have a scar on your upper arm (most likely left) from a vaccine that was put into arms (and save countless millions of lives) and if so what do you think is experimental about the covid vaccine(s)? Unfounded, uneducated idiots still have too much to say about something that is well outside their scope of intelligence.
As this is my first post here, Hi everyone!

Before I start a furor of denials and counter claims, I apologize for getting on my soap-box. However, this IS an important issue.

There are many misinformed people in the world. I have one in my family, a sister. However, I am fully vaccinated, including a recent booster shot. At 65 years of age, I am not willing to risk my life because of the politically/financially motivated scaremongering of a few short-sighted individuals. Australia's vaccination programs have saved millions of lives over the years, and reduced the ramifications of illnesses for those who still caught a virus they were vaccinated against.

One of my sisters (and her two daughters) were fully vaccinated against the Covid19 virus. However, earlier this year they also came down with it. The good news is that, not only are they fully recovered, they only suffered very mild cases of it - the result of being vaccinated.

The medical evidence is clear - those that are vaccinated, survive with little to no long-term effects; whilst those who are not, risk death or at least long-term or even ongoing effects, some even very severe.

As a further point, the current fashion of ignorant/misinformed parents not vaccinating their children, has brought back diseases we all thought were gone for ever. Parents should not have the right to risk the lives/futures of their children like that. The rights of the children should ALWAYS override those of the parent(s) in such cases. I would classify this as 'Child Abuse'!

There needs to be an ongoing public information process to provide clear factual information to the general populous - so that they can make informed decisions, instead of simply following some fashionable out-spoken messianic wannabe.
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