Rice and mice: ALDI's shocking discovery leaves customers rattled!

Content Warning: This article includes unsettling details involving the remains of a dead animal found in food products. Reader discretion is advised.

When it comes to convenience, microwave rice is a godsend for those busy days or when the thought of cooking from scratch is just too much to bear.

It's quick, easy, and usually takes just a matter of minutes before you can enjoy fluffy grains with your meal.

However, a recent incident involving an ALDI microwave rice packet may have you thinking twice before you tear open your next pouch.

In a turn of events that sounds more like a scene from a horror movie than a kitchen mishap, a woman named Jadey Lorretta was left reeling after discovering a deceased rodent in her packet of Imperial Grain Jasmine Rice.

The grisly find was made after she had already microwaved the rice and was about to serve it.

Understandably horrified, Lorretta took to social media to share her experience, exclaiming in a video, ‘You will not believe this. I just opened this, put it in the microwave, and there's a dead f****** mouse in it.’

‘It smells so bad, oh my God,’ she added, capturing the revulsion that many would feel in her situation.

image (13).jpg
A customer was shocked to find a dead mouse in an ALDI microwave rice packet. Credits: Tiktok / @jadeylorretta_xox

The video quickly went viral, sparking widespread disgust and fear.

‘That's ALDI for you,’ a commenter wrote.

‘I don't want to shop there anymore,’ another responded.

‘I shop at ALDI, and one time I bought Weet-Bix, and they were covered in ants,’ a third shared.

The incident has since unlocked a ‘new fear’ among consumers, with many expressing their concerns over food safety and quality control, especially when it comes to pre-packaged goods.

The reactions online were a mix of shock, disbelief, and humour. While some viewers shared their own unfortunate discoveries in food products, others questioned the veracity of the claim.

‘Surely not, is this true?’ one questioned.

‘This is terrifying. I'm never buying microwave rice again,’ someone else remarked.

A third jokingly said, ‘That's the protein rice everyone's been raving about.’

Despite the widespread concern, some individuals offered differing viewpoints.

‘No way, I have never had anything wrong with my rice,’ one shopper claimed.

‘It's the supplier's fault, not ALDI's,’ another commented.

ALDI urged customers to provide feedback directly through the help centre and assured them that all complaints would be thoroughly investigated.

While Lorretta’s discovery has already left many customers uneasy, it's not an isolated incident.

In another shocking case, a man had a similar unsettling experience with an ALDI rice product, prompting further concerns about the safety and quality of these items.

These incidents highlight the importance of vigilance and consumer feedback in maintaining product standards.
Key Takeaways
  • A customer was horrified after discovering a dead mouse inside a packet of microwave rice from ALDI.
  • The incident was shared on social media, which resulted in a wide range of reactions from shock to scepticism.
  • Concerns about ALDI's quality control were raised as this incident adds to a number of unexpected items found in their food products.
  • ALDI encouraged customers to contact their help centre directly to report such incidents, and they will investigate all complaints.
Have you ever had a similar experience? How do you ensure the food you buy is safe? Share your stories and tips in the comments below.
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Reactions: Maiyon
This story brings to mind, a time that fresh was best, way back in the dark ages.
I had just left hospital with my first Bubby. My mother had prepared a beautiful Baked Dinner for my Grandmother's and I.
I was just sitting down and looking at this mid week luxury.
It was so looking so enticing,
There on the plate was a beautiful maroon and white striped grub. He had obviously
missed the washing and checking of the Spinach before cooking.
It really took the shine off that
Yummy Baked Dinner, over Sixty Seven Years ago.
Needless to say I have never forgotten it. That is my only experience of anything like that.
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Reactions: Veggiepatch
Anything from overseas is a risk - buy Australian grown. Aldi does have Aus alternatives - cost a little more but worth it.

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