Over 3 out of 4 Aussies expect massive increase in grocery spending ahead of Christmas, ALDI says

It's no secret that, come the festive season, many are expected to start spending extra money.

That said, once people are finished shelling out cash to buy presents for loved ones, it usually becomes painfully clear that the budget for groceries has taken a hit, too.

ALDI's research showed that more than three-quarters of Australians are expecting to see a 75 per cent increase in their grocery bills once Christmas comes around—7 per cent believe that their weekly grocery shop will double!

The data is even more concerning when taking into account figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which showed that in November 2022 Australians spent an average of $520 each on groceries.

Aussies might want to rethink their shopping during Christmas. Image: Pexels

ALDI's Managing Director of Buying, Jordan Lack, found the magnitude of the data 'alarming'.

In a statement given to the news outlet, he commented: 'Aussie households have had a fair amount of inflation over the last year.’

'We are still seeing some commodities and some products at inflated levels but we're also seeing some of the factors which have driven prices up over the course of the last year normalise.’

'We have seen our prices go down around 20 per cent in the last month—but that doesn't make it any less concerning for those who are already finding it difficult to stretch their dollars during the festive season.'

It's important to remember that ALDI's known for having an affordable range of groceries, something which has become more important in the last 12 months.

Mr Lack emphasised that customers can typically save an impressive $2,400 yearly at ALDI.

He said: 'We focus on having a high-quality range of goods, a curated selection of goods, so we don't hold the same amount of lines as our competitors.’

'But we do aim to have the same quality as our competitors, but with around a 15 to 20 per cent discount on the cost of goods. So that's something we're committed to each and every day.'

Mr Lack noted that shoppers keen on giving the discount retailer it is worth straying from our usual shopping habit given their branding.

Studies have shown that during the holiday season, Aussies increase spending by 75 per cent! Image: Pexels

After all, ALDI is renowned for its strict focus on a curated selection and sustainability, offering high-quality goods without excessive frills.

As Mr Lack put it: 'It's something we are really quite proud of because we acknowledge that we are different to our competitors.’

'It is an experience that customers will notice a difference with when they first shop with us but when they shop with us, they realise that difference is a good difference.’

'The quality of the products is fantastic. Our prices. We have a focus on sustainability. And we look after our own employees.'

Those who already shop at ALDI may not be shocked by these figures, but it's still important to recognise and appreciate the value of what the store is offering.

Key Takeaways

  • ALDI has shared data showing that more than three-quarters of Australians expect their grocery bill will increase by 75 per cent as Christmas approaches.
  • Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed Australians spent $11.4 billion on groceries in November 2022, averaging $520 per person.
  • Despite the increase in grocery costs, ALDI's Managing Director of Buying, Jordan Lack, reiterated the supermarket's commitment to offering the most affordable range of groceries.
  • ALDI customers can save an estimated $2,400 yearly by shopping with the supermarket, according to Mr Lack.

So why not take advantage of some fantastic savings and make sure your budget stretches as far as it can this festive season?

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Easy as..... don't spend a dime..... I know I can't afford it (already $12,000 deficit income to expenditure). I have prepared the budget for 2024.

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