From Bedridden to Bold: How One Mum's Stunning 92kg Weight Loss Journey Can Inspire You!

Embarking on a weight loss journey is never an easy feat, especially when the scales tip significantly. For one New Zealand mum, the struggle with her weight was not only a physical battle but an emotional one that kept her confined to her bed, too embarrassed to face the world. Claire Burt's story, however, is not one of perpetual despair but of remarkable transformation and hope.

At her heaviest, Claire weighed a staggering 170kg. Standing at 182cm tall, she was trapped in a cycle of binge-eating that spiraled out of control, leading her to 'almost eat herself to death.' The severity of her situation was such that she felt she was 'barely living and only existing,' a sentiment that many can relate to when struggling with severe obesity.

Claire's battle with body image began in childhood, a time when she towered over her peers and became the target of bullying. This led to a tumultuous relationship with food, swinging from bulimia to anorexia and finally to binge eating. Her eating habits became extreme, consuming vast quantities of food in a single sitting – from two large pizzas with sides to an overwhelming 50 chicken nuggets followed by a burger. It was a coping mechanism that brought more pain than relief.

compressed-claire burt.jpeg
Claire Burt shared a photo highlighting her four-year weight loss journey. Image Credit: Instagram/Claire Burt

The turning point for Claire came when she realized the extent of her physical limitations. The simple act of personal hygiene became an insurmountable task, and she had to rely on her mother for help. It was a sobering moment that sparked the determination to reclaim her life.

Opting for gastric-sleeve surgery, a procedure that reduces the stomach by 80%, Claire embarked on a life-changing path. Despite facing rare complications post-surgery that nearly cost her life, she persevered. The result was nothing short of miraculous – an incredible 80kg weight loss in the first year and a total of 92kg to date.

The surgery was not a quick fix but a tool that enabled Claire to build a healthier relationship with food. Four years on, she still adheres to a diet of small portions and maintains a balanced approach to eating. The restrictions are a small price to pay for the freedom she has gained.

One of the most profound impacts of Claire's weight loss was on her ability to start a family. Previously told that her weight would prevent her from having children, she has since defied the odds. Claire is now a proud mother to her nine-month-old daughter, Lulu, and is expecting another child. Motherhood was a dream that once seemed unattainable, but it became a powerful motivator in her journey.

Today, Claire's life is unrecognizable from her bedridden days. She has re-entered the social scene, returned to work, and is creating memories she once thought were beyond her reach. Looking at old photos, she feels a mix of sadness for her past self and immense pride for how far she has come.

For those grappling with their weight or considering gastric sleeve surgery, Claire's story is a beacon of hope. Her advice is simple yet profound: 'Go for it.' The only regret she harbors is not taking the step sooner. Her journey underscores the message that it's never too late to make a change and that reclaiming your health can lead to a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Key Takeaways

  • Claire Burt from New Zealand lost 92kg following a life-changing gastric-sleeve surgery after reaching a weight of 170kg.
  • She struggled with bullying and eating disorders from childhood, which led to severe weight gain and a period of significant physical and mental health issues.
  • Post-surgery, Claire has built a new relationship with food, managing small portions and creating healthy eating habits.
  • Claire's weight loss has had a profound impact on her life, allowing her to live more freely, socialise, work, and start a family – something she feared wouldn't be possible due to her previous weight.

At the Seniors Discount Club, we celebrate stories like Claire's because they remind us of the indomitable human spirit and the power of resilience. If you're facing a similar struggle, remember that support is available, and transformation is possible. Claire's journey from bedridden to bold is a testament to the fact that with determination and the right help, you can rewrite your story too. Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below – your story could be the one to inspire someone else to take the first step towards a healthier, happier life.
congrats to her. One I know who lost heaps and keeps it off from that surgery, can eat little and can have reactions you don't want espeically if out. She recently swas told some of her heath issues lie in the aftermath of this surgery. Thinks she was not informed about. Not saying it happens to all, and can be serious. Make sure you are well informed.
I’ve heard good and bad. Watching my ex daughter in law I knew it wasn’t for me. It’s way too restrictive. Another couple of people I know gained their weight again because they didn’t adhere to the guidelines, you have to change your mindset as well as your diet. Another person I know has had great success. I’m pleased for this lady, it’s obviously changed her whole life which is wonderful

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