Egg shortage alert! This new Coles policy can impact your next grocery run!

Eggs, a quintessential breakfast staple, are cherished in Australian households, gracing plates in various forms, from scrambled to poached.

Renowned for their versatility, affordability, and nutritional value, eggs have become synonymous with the Australian breakfast table.

However, the prospect of a shortage and an imminent price increase poses a significant concern. Should this beloved staple become scarce, the repercussions could reverberate throughout households.

In a move that has left many shoppers scrambling, Coles supermarkets have introduced a temporary purchase limit on eggs, capping customers at two cartons each in all stores, not including Western Australia.

‘Due to a supply shortage of eggs, we have introduced a temporary limit of two items per customer/transaction,’ signs on Coles supermarket read.

This decision followed in the wake of bird flu strain outbreaks that have led to chicken culls nationwide, resulting in a significant drop in egg production.

unnamed (2).png
Coles implements a nationwide restriction on egg purchases. Credit: Daria Nipot / Shutterstock

‘This will help maintain availability and support as many customers as possible,’ the signs said.

‘Thank you for your patience. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.’

This shortage has not only inconvenienced customers but has also sent ripples through the industry.

Egg suppliers who felt the pinch have expressed that this is the most severe situation they have encountered in over two decades.

The impact is so profound that one supplier has even predicted the cost of a carton of eggs could potentially triple within the next few weeks.

While Coles has taken a proactive step by implementing purchase limits, reports of shortages at other major supermarkets, including ALDI and Woolworths, have surfaced.

However, these supermarkets have not announced plans to impose similar restrictions.

In related news, egg farmers predicted price increases and supply issues beyond the bird flu outbreaks due to various other factors.

Major supermarket chains are already experiencing shortages, and the price of free-range eggs has risen significantly.

It's important to remember the value of patience and understanding. Supermarkets like Coles are working to ensure everyone has access to their fair share.

In the meantime, it might be an opportunity to get creative in the kitchen, substituting eggs with other ingredients where possible.
Key Takeaways

  • Coles supermarkets have introduced a temporary two-carton limit on egg purchases due to a shortage of supply.
  • The egg shortage results from chicken culls prompted by bird flu strain outbreaks, reducing egg production.
  • Suppliers are indicating the current situation as the worst they have experienced in more than 20 years, with the possibility of egg prices tripling soon.
  • While shortages have been reported at Aldi and Woolworths, these supermarkets are not planning to impose purchase limits at this stage.
How has this egg shortage affected your shopping and cooking habits? Have you found alternative sources for your eggs or discovered some new egg-free recipes? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below.
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Will this be like the toilet paper shortage? 🙄
If people are told enough times there's a shortage they'll believe it. 🙄

It's only Victoria that has this and they're the third highest egg producers with 19%, behind Queensland, 31%, and New South Wales 34%.

7 billion eggs are produced a year which is about 20 million a day. Knock Victoria out of the equation and there's still plenty of eggs.

The media, including this forum, would love there to be a shortage so they can say we told you so. 🙄
Eggs are a luxury for me. As a rule, I get 6 per fortnight or a dozen if I want to make a crustless quiche. I bake egg free cakes, using the old trick of 1 tsp bi-carb dissolved in 2 tablespoons vinegar which replaces two eggs, beautifully.

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