Discover the Shocking Truth Behind That Persistent Toilet Odor – Even After Cleaning!

As we age, our senses may not be as sharp as they once were, but one thing that remains unmistakable is the unpleasant scent of a bathroom that just doesn't smell clean. It's a common frustration, especially after you've put in the elbow grease to scrub every visible surface. If you've ever found yourself in this perplexing situation, you're not alone. The culprit behind that persistent odor might be hiding in plain sight, and it's not where you'd expect.

Gabby from Kings Cleaning Co has shared a revelation that could change the way you approach cleaning your throne room. In a recent TikTok video that has many viewers reeling, Gabby pinpointed the source of the lingering urine smell to an often-overlooked part of the toilet: the bumper pieces on the underside of the seat.

These bumpers are designed to keep the seat from slamming down, but they also harbor a secret – they can trap urine and other residues in their crevices, leading to an ongoing stench even after a thorough cleaning. Gabby's video, which has garnered considerable attention, shows the stark contrast between a cleaned and an uncleaned bumper compartment. The cleaned area is pristine white, while the neglected side is discolored with yellow buildup.

Online content creator Gabby from Kings Cleaning Co shared a tip on how to keep toilets clean and smelling fresh. Image Credit: Pexels/
Hakim Santoso

To tackle this hidden grime, Gabby recommends removing the bumpers and using a probiotic and enzyme cleaning spray, which is adept at breaking down the bacteria and protein in urine that cause the smell. After spraying the crevices, she suggests soaking the bumpers in a mixture of the cleaning solution and water. For an extra deep clean, a piece of a melamine sponge, also known as a magic eraser, can be used to scrub the hard-to-reach areas.

The response to this cleaning tip has been one of shock and gratitude, with many expressing their surprise that the bumpers could even be removed. Concerns about the bumpers becoming loose after multiple cleanings were quickly addressed by Gabby, who assured viewers that they fit snugly but can be easily replaced if necessary.

For those without enzyme cleaners, alternatives such as oxygen bleach (sodium percarbonate) or hydrogen peroxide can be used to soak and clean the bumpers. And if the odor persists, it's worth giving the walls around the toilet and the toilet seat screws a good scrub, as these areas can also retain smells.

Our homes are our sanctuaries, and maintaining a clean and fresh bathroom is essential for both comfort and hygiene. This surprising cleaning tip is a reminder that sometimes the most effective solutions are found in the details. So next time you're armed with gloves and a scrub brush, remember to check under the seat – your nose will thank you.

Key Takeaways

  • Gabby from Kings Cleaning Co has advised that the lingering urine smell in toilets is likely due to dirty bumper pieces on the underside of the seat.
  • A TikTok video shows the cleaner using a probiotic and enzyme cleaning spray to remove odour and build-up from the bumper areas.
  • Many viewers were surprised to learn that the bumpers could be removed for cleaning, and this tip was appreciated for helping address hidden toilet smells.
  • Enzyme cleaners are recommended for breaking down bacteria and protein in urine stains and odours, and if the smell persists, cleaning around the toilet and soaking the seat and screws is suggested.
We'd love to hear from you, our savvy Seniors Discount Club members. Have you discovered any other unexpected cleaning hacks that have made maintaining your home easier? Share your experiences in the comments below, and let's help each other keep our homes sparkling clean and odor-free!
I usually remove the toilet seat and clean the hole where it fits to along with soaking the whole seat and fittings in the bath for half a day using vinegar, dishwashing liquid and lemon essential oils but you can use any good cleaning product to do the same.
If you think you have given the toilet a good scrub and missed the bumpers - you have deluding yourself. The under part of the seat is seen by every male using it and should be thoroughly cleaned every time you “scrub” the room
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