'Best save ever': Aussie jet setter trims $36 off petrol bill with Qantas points

Travelling via aeroplanes can be a different experience—soaring at around 35,000 feet, exploring places, and discovering other people's cultures and customs.

Who knew jet setting also has various on-ground benefits?

That's precisely what one driver discovered while filling his ute's petrol tank.

A Queensland man became the talk of the town after he shaved a whopping $36 off his petrol bill.

He used about 7,000 of his accumulated points at a BP service station, a move he described as the 'best save ever'.

'I only had to pay $23.67 for petrol this morning. Scanned my Qantas card to find I could convert a wad of points for a petrol discount,' he wrote on social media.

With rising petrol prices, consumers resort to many methods to save money. Image Credit: Pexels/Gustavo Fring

Qantas members can earn and redeem points at BP service stations in simple steps.

When paying, scan your Qantas card and choose to pay with points when prompted. You can proceed by entering a four-digit reward code from the Qantas app.

Earning rewards is also a breeze.

By downloading the BPme app on iOS or Android and linking your Qantas Frequent Flyer account, you can earn two points per litre of BP Ultimate Unleaded 98 petrol and one point for every dollar spent on eligible in-store purchases like snacks and drinks.

Many applauded his savvy use of points and shared their tips on converting loyalty points into savings.

'I do this a lot. I have Commonwealth points and convert them to gift vouchers. Same with Telstra points. I mean, if you can't afford a holiday, you may as well use them when you need them!' one commented.

'Well done, great save. Use your points how you want. They're your points,' another wrote.

'Great job, I say,' a third said.

However, only some were convinced with the savings.

'Glad you enjoyed the savings, but in perspective, 6,000 Qantas points is enough for a one-way trip from Melbourne to Sydney, approximately valued at $130,' one explained.

'Points are much better spent on flights rather than petrol, toasters etc.'

To which he responded, 'I took an opportunity to save, and I don't regret it one bit. This economy is absolutely wild and expensive. I'm doing everything I can to stay afloat and alive.'

'I can't afford a holiday, this was the best markdown save I've ever had.'

While it's true that points can often fetch a higher value when redeemed for flights, not everyone can travel, considering the current economic situation.

Using rewards points for everyday savings can be incredibly valuable.

Whether it's reducing the cost of groceries, petrol, or other necessary expenses, converting points into tangible savings can make a significant difference in managing a fixed budget or income.

Whether you're saving for a dream vacation or trying to cut down on expenses, these points are a resource that can help you save a dollar for a rainy day.
Key Takeaways

  • A man saved $36 on his petrol bill by using Qantas Frequent Flyer points at a participating BP service station.
  • He redeemed almost 7,000 points to reduce his petrol cost from $60 to just $23.67, which he hailed as the 'best save ever'.
  • While some praised the savings, others argued that points might be better spent on flights, suggesting a higher value for the points used.
  • Qantas members can earn and use points to get discounts on petrol and other eligible items through the BP app on iOS and Android.
What's the best way to use our loyalty points? Have you used your Qantas points or other loyalty rewards in a creative way to save money? Share your stories with us in the comments below!
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Everyone has to use their savings where it best suits them so good on him for using his points on fuel if that's what his financial situation warranted
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I always get 8c off a litre with 4c Woolies Fuel Reward voucher and 4c with a permanent offer with my energy company. And I only buy E10 which is cheaper anyway. 👍
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l have a lot of Telstra points and can't find anything l really want with Teltra so does that mean l can use them elsewhere?

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