American tourist documents ‘cool things’ seen in Australia—the first one will surprise you!

Whenever we travel overseas, we can get overwhelmed with foreign countries’ breathtaking views and rich cultures. However, for some travellers, it's often the little things that catch us off guard when we're exploring new places.

For one American tourist, it was a humble Australian supermarket item that provided an unexpected moment of awe.

The tourist, who goes by 'beefystuu' on social media, shared her amazement with her followers as she experienced the wonders of a common sight at Coles for the first time.

In her video posted online, she can be heard exclaiming, 'Look, I’m not even touching the cart or trolley and it’s not slipping, and I think that’s super cool.'

Australian shopping trolleys are indeed designed with special brake legs on the wheels, a safety feature that ensures they stay put on travelators, making shopping a breeze for customers.

For those of us who've grown accustomed to the conveniences of Australian shopping centres, it might come as a surprise that something as simple as a trolley that doesn't roll away on an inclined travelator could be a source of fascination.

For her, this was a novel and impressive feature.

Tourist ‘beefystuu’ showing off her Coles trolley on a travelator. Credit: TikTok/beefystuu

Trolley aside, the enthusiastic tourist has been documenting her everyday experiences Down Under, from public transport adventures to culinary explorations, including her first taste of iconic Australian treats like meat pies and Anzac biscuits.

Her fresh perspective and vibrant energy have captured the attention of both Australians and her fellow Americans, with one Aussie humorously suggesting, 'I think the tourism board needs to get a hold of her to help promote tourism in WA.'

Her excitement is infectious, with another local commenting, 'Obsessed with your energy, this is so fun seeing the place I live from new eyes.'

Meanwhile, her American audience is getting a crash course in Aussie lingo and culture, with one viewer curiously inquiring, 'A shopping cart is called a trolley there?'

She has also expressed her admiration for Australian shopping centres, particularly the Karrinyup Shopping Centre in Perth, which she compared to the opulence of Dubai.

She was astounded by the variety of stores, including grocery stores like ALDI and Coles, a wide pool of dining options, pharmacies, and even a Kmart, which she amusingly attempted to pronounce.

‘To remind you guys, I’m at a shopping centre and they have a whole deli here… like this is a shopping mall and they have a fresh market,’ she said in one of her videos.

Her videos are a delightful reminder of the joy of discovery and the unique features that make Australian shopping centres stand out. It's a testament to the fact that travel can open our eyes to the simple pleasures and conveniences that we might otherwise overlook.

Key Takeaways

  • An American tourist expressed her amazement with the travelator at a Westfield shopping centre in Perth, astonished by how Coles trolleys stay in place without slipping.
  • The tourist, known as 'beefystuu' online, has been sharing her experiences of Australian life online, gaining attention from both Americans and Australians.
  • Her infectious enthusiasm for everyday Australian amenities, like shopping centres, has prompted suggestions that she could help promote tourism in Western Australia.
  • ]Her comparison of Australian shopping centres to those in the United States, including her surprise at the variety of stores and services available within them, has amused and delighted local viewers.

Have you had similar experiences when travelling abroad? Have you encountered any simple conveniences that delighted you? Or perhaps you've had the pleasure of introducing our Australian wonders to overseas visitors? Share your stories in the comments below!
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Years back my son, as a child, had a friend who lived at the local pub. He used to love coming grocery shopping with us. It was such a novelty for him as all their food was delivered. He always asked if he could push the trolley - the simple pleasures lol
what a delightful lady,,it would be lovely to see and hear her amazement at things we take for granted
If she has trouble pronouncing Kmart, God help her if she ever travels to Wales in the UK.
Before Walmart & Amazon killed bricks and mortar retail in the US, Kmart was a large retailer in the US and still operates an online retail presence I'm not too sure what her issue with the pronunciation. The Australian stores are just in name Kmart, they're operated & 100% owned by Wesfarmers.

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