ALDI’s new microwave toastie maker has shoppers melting with excitement!

The humble toastie, a staple in many Australian households, has long been the go-to comfort food for a quick and satisfying meal.

However, as many know, the traditional methods of making a toasted sandwich—whether it's using a griller or a sandwich press—can sometimes be a bit of a hassle.

Enter the latest kitchen gadget that's got ALDI shoppers talking.

ALDI’s Joie Microwave Toastie Maker ($19.99) is an innovative device that promises to transform the way you make your beloved toasties, offering a quick, easy, and mess-free alternative to the conventional methods.

Simply assemble your sandwich with your favourite fillings, place it in the microwave toastie maker, and in just 2-3 minutes, you could be enjoying a perfectly crispy toastie straight from the microwave.

ALDI introduced the Joie Microwave Toastie Maker, priced at $19.99. Credits: ALDI Australia

The excitement around this product is palpable, with many food enthusiasts and toastie aficionados taking to social media to share their delight.

'I got one for Christmas, I LOVE IT. The sandwiches turn out crispy and taste great,' exclaimed one thrilled customer.

‘I love these things,’ another agreed.

‘Can confirm it works great,’ a third chimed.

Big W released a similar product last year priced at $29. However, ALDI's Joie brand microwave toastie maker, priced at a competitive $19.99, has bargain hunters looking.

With its affordable price tag, it's no wonder that shoppers are eager to get their hands on one, sharing photos of their crispy creations and spreading the word about their new kitchen favourite.

However, as with any new product, there have been mixed reviews.

Some early adopters faced challenges, reporting soggy sandwiches, burnt edges, and overall disappointment.

‘So many people have jumped on today saying these haven't worked—thanks for the heads up!’ one commented.

'Epic fail,' posted one user, alongside a less-than-appetising photo of their attempt at a microwave toastie.

‘Any hints? Mine was horrible,’ another shared.

‘I got one and tried it. What a waste of money. I will be returning it tomorrow,’ one shopper lamented.

‘It is the worst thing I have ever bought, tried several times, different ways. It did not work,’ another added.

However, don't let these few negative experiences deter you.

There are tips and tricks to master the art of the microwave toastie. For instance, preheating the sandwich maker and buttering the outside of your sandwich can make all the difference in achieving that desired crunch.

It's also worth noting that sometimes, investing a little more can lead to better results.

Some seasoned toastie makers suggested opting for higher-end versions of the microwave toastie maker, such as the MICO Toastie II Sandwich Maker ($59.95) from Morphy Richards, Micro Munchy’s Microwave Toastie Maker ($49.95), or The Original Turbo Toastie (currently on sale at $59.95), if you're looking for a foolproof experience.

'You pay for what you get,' as one toastie connoisseur put it, highlighting the importance of quality when it comes to kitchen gadgets.
Key Takeaways
  • ALDI introduced the Joie Microwave Toastie Maker ($19.99), which is gaining attention among shoppers.
  • While some users praised the gadget for producing crispy sandwiches conveniently, others faced issues such as soggy results and burnt edges.
  • The product retails for $19.99, undercutting similar products from competitors like Big W.
  • Tips for using the product include preheating and buttering the sandwich, but some suggest opting for more expensive brands for a better outcome.
Have you tried the ALDI microwave toastie maker, or do you have another favourite method for making your toasties? Share your experiences, tips, and toastie triumphs in the comments below.
I have tried it and unfortunately it didn’t turn out well, I tried buttering the outside of the toastie sandwich and also without buttering the outside. The crust hardened but the the rest of of the sandwich was uncooked.
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Another piece of rubbish that someone clearing out an estate will find hidden away in the back of a cupboard in a few years time. A bit like the K-Tel (I'm going to say from our parents era) a pie makers everyone 'had to have' years ago.
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I cannot believe that anyone could expect a crispy toasted sandwich made in a microwave.....surely it was tested by someone before going to market....

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