52,000 drivers get busted by new road safety cameras in 10 months

In Victoria, the eyes of the law are watching more closely than ever before.

With the introduction of new road safety cameras, a staggering 52,000 motorists have been caught breaking road rules within just ten months.

This advanced enforcement not only reveals a worrying pattern of rule-breaking but also brings in significant revenue for the state through fines for offences like not wearing seatbelts or using mobile phones while driving.

The statistics are startling, with over 5,000 drivers and passengers each month being snapped while engaging in risky behaviour that could endanger themselves and others on the road.

The demographic most frequently caught in the crosshairs of these cameras is men aged between 30 and 39, who account for 28 per cent of the offences.

Victoria’s new road cameras have caught 52,000 motorists in 10 months. Credit: Shutterstock

This revelation has prompted concern from officials, with Police Minister Anthony Carbines saying he was ‘shocked’ at the figures.

He pointed out that this age group, with their driving experience, should indeed 'know better' and be role models for younger drivers rather than contributing to the problem.

‘These are drivers with experience, people who perhaps aren’t used to being told (what to do), who feel that they know best,’ he said.

The Transport Accident Commission’s Executive General Manager of Road Safety, Samantha Cockfield, was ‘saddened’ by the statistics, which highlighted the tragic reality that the demographic most frequently offending is also the one most often ‘dying most on our roads’.

This year alone, out of 107 fatalities, 74 have been men, underscoring the urgent need for behavioural change.

Drivers caught using a mobile phone while driving face a hefty $577 fine and four demerit points, which can quickly lead to a suspended license.

Similarly, those who neglect to wear their seatbelt correctly are hit with a $385 fine and three demerit points.

In February, a driver was slapped with a whopping $1,100 fine for what authorities deemed as his passenger’s incorrect use of a seatbelt.

However, he insisted that his partner was buckled up, but the wet weather jacket obscured the seatbelt, leading to the misunderstanding.
Key Takeaways

  • New road safety cameras in Victoria have caught 52,000 motorists in violation for using mobile phones and not wearing seatbelts, resulting in millions of dollars in fines.
  • In the first ten months since their launch, the cameras detected on average over 5000 offenders per month.
  • The most commonly penalised demographic consists of men aged 30-39, which has surprised officials, given their experience on the road.
  • Offenders face significant fines and demerit points for these safety violations, with penalties set at $577 and four demerit points for using a mobile phone and $385 and three demerit points for not wearing a seatbelt properly.
Have you noticed an increase in road safety enforcement in your area? Do you believe these measures are effective in reducing road accidents and fatalities? Let us know in the comments below!

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