‘Faint burning smell’: Mum reveals alarming discovery on BIG W toy

When it comes to our grandchildren, their safety is our top priority.

That's why an urgent warning from a mum about a popular toy sold at BIG W has left many parents across Australia deeply concerned.

The toy in question is the Little Live Pets My Pet Pig ($29), a battery-operated toy pig that has been a hit with children.

However, this seemingly harmless toy has been slowly burning, potentially posing a significant fire hazard.

compressed-Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 11.19.03 AM.jpeg
A mum discovered her child’s toy was slowly burning. Credit: BIG W

The concerned mum took to social media to share her alarming discovery.

She had been noticing a ‘faint burning smell’ in her home for a couple of days but couldn't identify the source.

'Well, my son found it this morning. Slowly over time, it seems to be melting above the battery pack,' she wrote, sharing an image of the toy with a burnt patch on its back.

The area felt 'gooey and melted,' and when the burnt spot was pulled away, the battery pack underneath was revealed.

Her post quickly garnered attention, with over 600 comments from other worried parents.

Many owned the same toy and were shocked to discover similar issues with their children's toys.

'Thank you for this post. I just looked for my daughter’s one, and it looks the same. I'm going to take the battery out and keep it aside as I'm sure this will be recalled,' one mum wrote.

‘I just went and checked my daughter's and noticed this dark mark on its back under the skin, is this the same for anyone else? I checked the batteries, and the inside seems fine, but the top looks suspicious after seeing this post and where it burnt through,’ another commented.

‘Just went and looked at Miss 3's piggy...It's doing the same thing. We ALL need to contact BIG W so everyone is aware,’ another advised.

Another mum said it wasn’t only the pig version that had the issue.

‘My daughter had the chameleon little live pets, and it’s done that same thing within eight months of buying it,’ she said.

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 11.45.45 AM.png
The pig toy had melted away near the battery compartment. Credit: Facebook

The original post has been praised for potentially saving lives, with many parents reaching out to Moose Toys, the manufacturer of the toy.

The company responded by saying they are investigating the issue, which 'appears to be related to rusting of the capacitive sensor' and not the battery itself.

A spokesperson for Moose Toys also said that the safety of their consumers is their ‘top priority’.

‘Before sale, this product was extensively tested and passed all relevant safety tests,’ they said.

They added that the company’s quality team had undertaken extensive testing and found no evidence of burning or melting.

‘Our testing shows that the discolouration is due to the rusting of the copper used in the touch sensor on the pig’s back and general wear and tear, which causes the pig’s skin to darken and soften.’

The toy has not been recalled, but Moose Toys advised consumers to return it if they were worried.

BIG W also responded, stating they were aware of the problem and had worked with Moose Toys to investigate.

‘It has been identified that there is currently no risk of injury with the product however, should customers wish to return the product, they can do so at their local BIG W store with their proof of purchase,’ they said.

Kmart shoppers also had a similar issue over the retailer’s products.

In a previous story, a dog owner bought a toy for her beloved pet at Kmart.

However, she noticed that the toy contained a toxic ingredient for dogs, which resulted in a distressing situation for her and her dog. You can read more about the story here.
Key Takeaways

  • A mum reported a burning smell from her child’s battery-operated toy pig, which was discovered to be melting above the battery pack.
  • The toy, sold at BIG W, prompted other parents to share their concerns about similar issues with the Little Live Pets My Pet Pig ($29) toy.
  • Moose Toys, the manufacturer, has investigated the issue and stated that the discolouration and softening are due to rusting of the copper in the touch sensor and general wear and tear, not posing a safety risk.
  • BIG W has acknowledged awareness of the issue and has reiterated that customers can return the product for a refund with proof of purchase, despite no identified risk of injury.
Have you experienced any issues with your grandchildren’s toys? Let us know in the comments below!
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Big W are aware of the problem, are working with the manufacturer but have chosen not to recall the product.


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