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    Cash con: Restaurant takes a bite out of bogus bills, dishing out lessons in hospitality industry

    And the whingers on this site want to keep their cash Hope they end up with a counterfeit
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    No gear? ALDI shoppers share grim Special Buys situation

    Not everyone who buys the snow gear is planning a skiing holiday. If you live in the colder areas of Australia Aldi gear is a reasonable way of being warm without breaking the bank
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    Pensioners to get cash boost in upcoming July indexation

    As soon as I saw the heading I knew what I would find in the comments. All the whinging whining pensioners are out in force again. No wonder the younger generations think we are irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what is done, it is never enough. The hand is out for more, more,more. And then you find...
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    Debt dilemma Down Under: Aussies refuse help amid mounting financial pressures

    You need to get out more. We are bloody well off compared to a lot of countries and I’m not talking about third world countries. The high cost of living is not confined to Australia. All countries are experiencing the same thing and our Government is not perfect by any means but they do a...
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    Police investigate counterfeit cash advertisements on social media

    Everyone who falls for this scheme deserves to lose their money
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    Invest with various celebrities & make a million dollars

    A fool and his money are soon parted. I really wonder how these people who are fooled by these scams made their money in the first place. If they are so easily fooled how did they manage to negotiate the business/corporate world or even manage their salary. Their only excuse is pure greed - they...
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    'Card only!': Nandos' new policy puts restaurant in hot grill

    Great decision. The sooner we get rid of cash the better. For the people who think banks want to get rid of cash so they can charge interest on the card, use a debit card. It’s your money, no interest charged, and I get interest paid on my money. Another plus of using a debit card is I know...
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    Grieving mother slams Centrelink’s ‘unfair’ rule: ‘It's very wrong’

    Why do people seem to think when something goes wrong in their lives the Government needs to give them a hand. Rules are in place and if you don’t fit the criteria, tough. If her financial position is that precarious why was she having a baby. Kids cost money and the costs are only going to rise...
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