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    Italian expat finds Australian supermarket staples 'awful'! Do you agree?

    Oh, really, please be nice! There’s no need for that sort of reaction.
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    Discover the best cooking oil to elevate your dinner experience!

    I don’t deep fry, so basically the only oil I use is olive oil, with the exception of a little sesame oil in Asian recipes.
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    Prince Harry reveals ‘biggest struggle’ after Princess Diana’s death in documentary

    Oh, how about some empathy? I don’t for a moment condone Harry and Megan’s behaviour in recent years, but I and my two younger brothers were left bereft when our mother died when we were 16, 14 and 8 and our father three years later, and I can tell you how that experience affects your life...
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    Discover the $15 Kmart item that massively expands your kitchen space!

    Am I missing something? Unless she already had the caddies and the plank, she’s still “shelling out more money”! 🤣
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    Your Android phone could be at risk: This malware can unlock your device and wipe out your bank account overnight!

    This is scary! I use my phone as a tool, not a toy. I use it for calls, texts and directions and that’s about it. I don’t have banking or email on my phone. Still, if tech-savvy criminals get access to any of your details, who knows what they could do with it.
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    Woolworths responds to circulating receipt allegations

    I’ve always known that this type of receipt isn’t recyclable. It’s not just Woolworths who use these receipts. Most retail outlets do.
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    SDC Trivia Game #97 - 31/08/2023

    Q1 - the question asked for pairs of eyes, but the answer was simply eyes.
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    Spring Cleaning Tip - Thanks to member David C.

    I used to work for the education department, so had school holidays off. I used the mornings of the holidays to tackle one room or area a day until everything was done, and spent the afternoons doing something for myself. So every room was given a thorough cleaning four times a year and it...
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    Joke Bouncy! Bouncy!

    Umm . . . are you posting on the wrong thread? This doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the joke. 🤷‍♀️
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    Honey garlic glazed carrots yum

    Sure, and I do that when I need to convert, but if you’re giving a recipe to an Australian group, you really need to convert it before you post.
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    This woman reveals how much she spends at Coles than at the local fruit market

    I did a cost comparison recently - I compared my local greengrocer with WW, taking the prices from their catalogue and buying from the greengrocer’s shop. The difference was less than $2, with WW coming out cheaper. I felt the quality was comparable.
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    Discover ALDI’s new service that will revolutionise your shopping experience

    I did online shopping during lockdown and wasn’t a fan. By the time I’ve gone through and selected what I want I could have driven to the shop, picked it up and been home again. Then it tells me certain things are out of stock. Then it DOESN’T tell me what’s out of stock and they replace with...
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    Aussie frustrated over common constant back-and-forths at restaurants–Find out why!

    My brother is a chef in the UK and mentioned several years ago that there were 19 different allergies and intolerances he has to be aware of when preparing his menu!
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    SDC Trivia Game #92 - 26/08/2023

    I had to guess a lot today, and unfortunately only managed four correct.
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    Cauliflower Fritters with tahini dip or sour cream healthy

    I’m going to give this a go, but think I will add some sort of her or spice to add a bit of flavour to the fritters.
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    7 reasons why you’re better off with a sofa bed rather than a spare bed!

    This is a repeat of an article from May of this year. I stand by my original comments. It’s much more of a chore to make up a sofa bed than it is is to keep a bed made up. Certainly I do have a sofa bed which is used occasionally but when we have visitors it’s the regular spare bed that is...
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    SDC Trivia Game #91 - 25/08/2023

    Q 4 - soccer IS football. If you want to differentiate you have to say American Football, AFL, etc.
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