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    SDC Trivia Game #417 - 16/07/2024

    Yep, need to do your proof reading SDC. Lion and Unicorn featured on Canadas Coat of Arms. 60% right.
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    Woman loses life savings over 'money mule' scam: 'I just gave in'

    Gayle I was thinking exactly the same thing.
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    Four major banks to pay $30 million in refunds after ASIC review

    Recently I got a refund from my bank of $400, through a class action lawsuit against them. I had a housing loan in the 90s, and evidently, they were charging useless fees. Have had at various other times letters from bank saying, "we have found a discrepancy with your fees; you have been...
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    Shoppers rave about $2.49 ALDI find—why it's a must-have!

    Made this one on Saturday for my Club group as a dessert. It disappeared instantly. I did get to taste it, was yummy.
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    SDC Trivia Game #412 - 11/07/2024

    Whoops mix up again.
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    See the heart-wrenching reason why a King's Guard was moved to tears in public!

    I have a moment. My stepson was attending his Graduation ceremony and as he stepped up on to the stage to accept his degree, his 4-year-old son [our Grandson] piped up, from the audience and called out loudly and proudly "that's my dad" and his dad teared up. He got the crowd laughing and a...
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    SDC Trivia Game #410 - 09/07/2024

    I got them all right
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    SDC Trivia Game #410 - 09/07/2024

    Seriously if the question and answers don't make sense hit the first choice. Winner winner chicken dinner.
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    Local man travels 140km for essentials after one wrongful ban: 'How can this be right?'

    Thank you, Evelin. Your version makes more sense than the article. I do wonder at times is SDC does thorough research with articles they print.
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    SDC Trivia Game #403 - 02/07/2024

    Got 8 right. It included the 'impossible ones. took a guess and clicked 1 both times.:eek:o_O:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Joke Test Run!

    This joke popped up on F/Book earlier this week.
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    When people go to town all dressed up

    Still do dress up to go shopping or out for dinner.
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    Australia Post issues urgent warning as record number of Aussies fall victim to delivery scams

    So true. My mobile phone tells me 'Possible scam' and lights up red. [Is usually a number that is used over and over] Thats when I get my thinking cap on. I love having "Fun" with them. They hang up, I block that number.
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