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    SDC Trivia Game #403 - 02/07/2024

    Bit hard To get questions correct when the question doesn’t even relate to the answer
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    SDC Trivia Game #387 - 16/06/2024

    Got 80 but two questions seemed to be incorrect, the one about Simbas uncle was actually dates for the landing on the moon and the one about the solar eclipse. - all dates that have already passed .
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    Shoplifting shenanigans: Drakes Supermarket unwraps festive theft scheme!

    I witnessed a lady park her trolley back at the specials section in the centre of Aldi , then she walked into the bottle shop area picked up 4 bottles walked back to her trolley then pushEd past all the people lined up and out the store , the cashier didn’t even ask to check her trolley , so unfair
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    AIBU 10.05.2024

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable for her to want you to have the Vaccines but I think she is being short sighted as will call on you when it gets tough , no one’s ready for the demands of a baby. There is also sooooo much information given to new mums and dads these days it can be overwhelming...
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    This $8 Kmart item can simplify your meal prep routine: ‘They are fantastic’

    Originally bought mine from ikea which are great as they fit inside each other but the Kmart ones are great too
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    Authorities issue urgent recall of pancake mix sold at Woolworths and Coles

    Surely the word Buttermylk on the front of the packet would make you assume it has milk product in it.
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