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    Bunnings' alarming weed sales threaten ecosystems

    Sensitive weed (Mimosa Padua} is a garden plant in the southern states but a totally noxious weed here in North Qld.
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    Thousands of Aussies warned as scammers implement new scam

    No no they, are out to get money. Greedy grubs, wouldn't cross the road to help anyone. It has gone from a room in Nigeria to big international criminal organizations raking in millions of dollars every day, plus the small shysters having a go too.
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    Court orders elderly suspect in spousal homicide to trial amid health challenges

    Could he have picked up his wife and got blood all over him without killing her. The old bloke does not have all his marbles, so how could he be convicted? Sad case for the old guy and his family.
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    Important: Please read this before your first post

    Find a reputable charity to help, learn a hobby, learn to play an instrument, go fishing, join a club. There are so many things to do, but if you don't have an interest you will die. And that's a fact.
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    Family accuses care facility of unauthorised chemical restraint: ‘Dad was turning into a zombie’

    The family did remove him but by the time they found out what was happening to him, the damage had been done to his health
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    Disturbing knife threat on Woolworths employee prompts concerns about store safety

    Oh we can't hurt the little darlings. The Countries that have corporal punishment don't have the problems Australia has. Wake up, it hurts the victim why not the perps.
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    Traffic terrors: Disability pensioner's identity crisis turns roadways into ‘fine’ mess!

    You don't have to do a driving test etc to get a new license especially when your license has been stolen
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    Traffic terrors: Disability pensioner's identity crisis turns roadways into ‘fine’ mess!

    I got scammed once and I canceled everything just to be on the safe side.
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    Or you stab them, we slab them
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    Discover Coles' latest range: Big savings without sacrificing quality!

    Yes I have shopped on the Simply Range. The colour does not impress me and I look for the Australian content, price and quantity in the packaging. The biscuit "specials" are more like the real price, and their buy 2 and save is a con job. Not happy with the supermarkets but have no choice.
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    Scam email asking for gift cards

    Yes I get them sometimes and I live in a town that only has 3 sets of trafic lights let alone a toll road. Hahaha
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    Coles Scam

    I watched a movie called the Bee Keep 2. Watching it was making me sick as this poor woman got scammed big time, she committed suicide. The bee keeper set out to avenge her. Good movie but full of swearing. It showed how big some of these scammers could be
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    I need one for my car, it wants to go home all the time
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    Online marketplace turns heads with major rebranding amid controversies

    I too shop with Temu. I am bombarded with their ads for products, and they did store my Paypal account but by going on line I deleted the active account so I log in every time I use them
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    Why are Australians resisting cashless future despite digital payment bloom?

    Cyclones , digital outages, don't worry cash. Try using a card for food, petrol etc when the system goes down. What? The poor banks have to spend a few dollars to keep cash and the Government wants to track every dollar? Cyber criminals can't steel your "cash"" Society seems to out smart itself.
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    Joke Not day light saving but beer light savings

    I don't get the joke
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