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    Golliwog dolls

    I follow a website for painted rocks and one of the ladies painted a golliwog rock. As that was her favourite doll when she was little. She painted bees and butterflies plus barbie dolls on the rocks as well and she got abused for painting the golliwog rock. It’s really sad that what she was...
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    Joke Are you lost?

    This was my favourite joke when the Vertical Grillers first came out
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    Joke Are you lost?

    What do you call a Gorilla with a steak on his head? A vertical Gorilla
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    Reckless rush: Police fine dad for grave traffic violation

    His partner, seated in the front passenger seat, was also part of this perilous journey.
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    Avoid $150 fines with this genius parking hack from a 'local legend'—residents can't stop praising it!

    Good on her. It's good to see someone willing to go the extra mile to help others out
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    Outrageous Fine Overturned: Learn How This Driver Turned a $387 Penalty Into a $4000 Victory – You Could Too!

    If I know I am 100% in the right I will fight I don't care how long it takes. I don't whinge about it and dismiss it and pay up like a lot of people would.
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    Major driving licence update may affect over one million Aussie drivers

    More B S to go through. It doesn't matter if you have a special licence or not, if you are an idiot driver on the road no amount of special licences will be of any help to you.
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    Traffic terrors: Disability pensioner's identity crisis turns roadways into ‘fine’ mess!

    When you cancel your licence you can apply for a new one without all that B S
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    Hanging laundry outside to dry

    I still hang my clothes on the line and love the fresh smell when I take them off.
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    Discover the 5 unbeatable Aldi products that are leaving Coles and Woolies in the dust—save big now!

    I bought 500g Australian butter yesterday for $6.39 and Coles and Woolies charge between $8.00 and $8.60. The dearer price is Australian Butter. I don't shop there often because 6 months ago there was no difference between Aldi Butter, Coles and Woolies
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    Traffic terrors: Disability pensioner's identity crisis turns roadways into ‘fine’ mess!

    Exactly! I know if that was me that is the first thing I would have done
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    Town Terrorized by Crocodile Gets Revenge – How They Served Up Justice Will Shock You!

    At least the crocodile fed the people instead of feeding on the people. The crocodiles are in plague proportions at the moment and there needs to be some solution to the problem. Rehoming them doesn't work as the crocodiles make their way back to the place they were born.
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    Transform Your Leftovers with this Genius Hack ALDI Shoppers Are Obsessed With - It's Absolutely Free!

    I buy sundried tomatoes and reuse the oil as well for salad dressing
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    Joke Lots of red flags

    Not only younger people's joke. I got it straight away
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    Reckless rush: Police fine dad for grave traffic violation

    For some people being disqualified means squat. They don't abide by the law anyway. What needs to be done is make some of these idiots go to the hospital road injury ward and help with rehabilitation of drivers that were speeding, drunk, high on drugs etc. So they realise there could be a...
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    Check your wallets: These rare coins can make you richer in varying levels!

    My mum was collecting the round 50c pieces and had about $40 dollars worth when Dad had to pay something and used a lot of them. Needless to say Mum wasn't very happy.
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