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    Discover how new fuel-efficiency standards will help Australian drivers save hundreds of dollars!

    Electric cars cost nearly as much on electricity as petrol and by the time you replace the batteries they probably cost more. This is ridiculous.
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    Coles shopper's 'ridiculous' act of defiance against self-checkout service sparks debate online

    Why would a person do that unless they are trying to do the wrong thing.
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    Shopper ridiculed over $200 Coles receipt rant

    a 30-pack of Pepsi cans, several 600ml soft drink bottles, chips. When items are so expensive the items listed above are rubbish why why buy them and no good for your health.
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    Outrageous 'manspreading' incident on a plane sparks outrage

    that's is how some men can be so selfish. Not a good look and unsafe.
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    Artificial intelligence is already in our hospitals. 5 questions people want answered

    If there is a caring humand doctor in the Southern Highlands Region please let me know. I haven't found one yet. They are usually too busy looking at their clocks to get you out.
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    Australia Post stamps to cost more as living expenses soar

    Ever since the government has sold out utilities etc to private organisation the prices have been going up and up.
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    Australia Post stamps to cost more as living expenses soar

    Why are they doing that. Is it so they can give the CEO a pay rise and a bonus if they make a lot of profit.
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    Are you eligible? Aussies are now getting health insurance coverage for as low as $3.22 per day thanks to little-known government rebates!

    at $3.22 per day adds up to $1175.30. That is still too much for pensioners to pay. And when you are covered one still has to pay at least $500 for a stay in hospital and probably don't get back the full amount of costs because of the gap. Pensioners look forward to the day when there is no...
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    Tech Talk with Dr Al: Introducing Alan

    I hope he makes it easier to find the Bingo card and the numbers thaat come through.
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    Jetstar loses luggage containing rare and sentimental items

    We flew from Canberra to the Sunshine coast for a weekend of square dancing on Jetstar. When we arrived there, out luggage didn't. I ended up taking down the curtains to try and keep warm and my friend switched on the oven and kept the door open. It was very cold. Our luggage arrive the next...
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    Are you one of the 750,000 drivers about to save a fortune? Find out now!

    Why did the Government lease the toll roads to overseas Companies in the first place.
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    Why doctors say catching dementia early may not be as beneficial as you think

    If the government got rid of fluoride in the water, it is very liekly that there would not be so many casese of dementia. There is scientific evidence that it affects the brain on some people.
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    I helped expose insurers for denying medical claims. 15 years on, a court has found what they did is illegal

    This is not about insurance Companies but about Comcare. Publis Servants are assured that they have a safe place to work. However, they don't do anything about the narcissists and untrained Supervisors that one has to work with, causing stress. When you go to Comcare doctors, if they can't...
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    Not just a youth movement: history too often forgets older protesters

    It seems the government are overlooking the seniors who are disabled. EG. Seniors who can work are allowed to work and get more money before paying tax. Everyone earning over a certain amount will not have to pay as much tax (come July). People on NDIS are paid more money than the ordinary...
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    Medicare unveils a surprising update to its cards in 2024

    How is this going to benefit citizens? We need medicare rebates for dentistry. EG. One filling costs approx $200. Pensioners can't afford to be covered by private Insurance and if they are not in pain they are not considered for an appointment with the Community dentist, even when they have a...
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    Discover these money-saving ‘vintage’ tricks that are making a huge comeback in 2024

    We learnt to save money by the old school bank account. Many of these suggestions will not work if we can't save cash - not even in a piggy bank.
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    Massive Medicare overhaul proposal could drain taxpayers $12 billion—is it worth it?

    I am a pensioner and I have a black hole in my front tooth, but because I am in no pain with it I have to be put on a waiting list with the Community Dentist. I have already been on the list for 6 months. But have been told they can't do anything until my name comes up again. Who knows how...
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    As Safe As A Bank

    Your story sounds like there was help from inside the organisation for this to happen?
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    'Gross' requests from Airbnb owners revealed by cleaner

    I have stayed at many B&B's around the world, but the worst one was in NSW Australia. There was a blood stain on the Doona, there was mould around the bottom of the shower curtain, and there was lots of crockery in the kitchen cupboards, but surrounded by lots of dust. It was also advertised...
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    Ask Joy: Do you have a question for a retired psychologist?

    Ask Joy: Do you have a question for a retired psychologist? What can be done about a Psychiatrist (hired and paid a lot of money through Comcare) resfusing to refer a patient to a more appropriate doctor for her nerves, stress and anxiety. There was a complaint sent in to the Dept Health, but...
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