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    Exclusive $2 coins hit Woolworths shelves—find out how to get your hands on them!

    Woolies seem to forget that we're supposed to be leaving cash behind. When it suits them, they use it. Going cashless - what a joke!
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    Health alert: Mpox outbreak hits another state—are you at risk?

    'NSW Health has confirmed three cases this week connected to the outbreaks in South Australia and Victoria, bringing the total number of identified cases in NSW to 72 for 2022.' Does this apply to us now in 2024?
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    Lemon meringue cake

    My mother kept this recipe from the box in the 1960s. Tasty but full of preservatives. BTW, it's a pie, not a cake.
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    Professional organiser reveals the ‘secret’ DIY spray that completely transformed a mouldy bathroom cabinet!

    THIS IS GREAT! We have a VERY mouldy house due to being built without allowing for air flow through the house as houses built in the 1950s & earlier were. We also have a bedroom shaded by a next door neighbour's tree through spring & summer; & in winter, although the tree has no leaves, the...
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    Oil's well that ends well: Aussie mum's genius trick to stop pots boiling over!

    Thanks for these tips. I never knew either of my great grandmothers, & I only knew one grandmother who died when I was 12, so most of these tips are appreciated by me; especially since my mum used all the latest cleaning solutions when they began coming out in the 1960s & later. She always...
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    Delicious 9 Vegetable Minestrone Soup $2.20 a serve

    Thank you Suzanne rose for all your recipes. I've saved most of them.
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    Joke CHARGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Using our walking sticks as weapons, & with our false teeth in our hands we can bite them? [If we bite them with our teeth in, that's against the laws of combat isn't it?]
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    Nandos. What a load of shi.................................

    Also, businesses pay the tax banks charge for each transaction, so lose some of their profit that way.
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    Health & Beauty Swisse Women's Multivitamin $13.99-$39.99 @ Chemist Warehouse*

    Thanks for letting us know, however, us oldies need Women's or Men's 50+ - this is the multivitamin in the Swisse range for people over 50. These have different ingredients in when compared to the straight Women's or Men's ones. In my experience, the plus version for older adults come on...
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    Joke I want a cute one

    Good grief!
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    Tech Talk with Dr Al: Mobiles Phones for Seniors

    Hi maggiej - If I'm told I need to supply a mobile phone number, I type in my 8 digit landline number with the 2 digit area code in front. This doesn't always work but it's worth a try.
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    18.04.2024 - What’s On TV Tonight?

    Any worthwhile shows on free to air? Not all of us subscribe to paid TV.
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    Eyewear giant faces hefty fine for spamming customers

    Fining companies for whatever reason is a slap on their wrists. Things don't change until the owner or board chairperson does porridge.
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    Crookie: Cookie dough croissants

    Can only access it if you are a member.
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    Crookie: Cookie dough croissants

    Where can I access the rest of the recipe? I joined SDC Rewards today.
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    Which slogan do you want to see on an SDC mug?

    Spend your life wisely as nothing lasts for ever
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    Discover Australia's BIG Secrets: Why Tourists Are Flocking to See The 'Big Things'

    Dear SDC staff - in the map above, the croc has been used twice - once in NT where it's supposed to be; and once in Tassie instead of a penguin image, unless Tassie penguins are HUGELY different to all other penguins.
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    It's a huge shoe, or a crocodile with a VERY small mouth.
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    Easy 3 Ingredient Yoghurt Cake

    Suzanne rose - is 'raste' meant to be 'rates'? (almost in the middle of the second sentence).
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    Bunnings employee exposes mistreatment of workers by sexist customers

    Since it was a customer who was sexist, male staff need to step in & say she can lift items too, according to the current regulations. Also, when customers look to male staff for help, male staff need to include female staff in assisting the customers eg when seeking advice on matters, they...
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